• yes maybe to make them wiser about those things, so when us guys come along trying to get into their pants they will at least be a little more wise to the situation.
  • It could the body's way of making sure that she'll be able to reproduce. You know what, Highlander? Your questions always raise questions for me. Now I'm wondering what the average female age was when she conceived, back in the "caveman" days...
  • we have our sexual peaks way earlier though
  • Well mature as in physically or mentally?
  • That's like, "On your mark! Get set! You look around and all the girls have turned into voluptuous tarts, then they run like hell to keep from getting caught. The funny thing is, I think the male of the species only responds to certain "signal" movements, hot babes running is at the top of the list. .......GO!!!!
  • A persons maturity in my opinion is defined by what experiences they have had in life.... what people they have met people they have spoken to places they have seen situations they have been in and so on ...if you took some body at the age of 22 who had worked 3 different jobs lets say a mechanic in an office and as a trainee prison officer.. and you compare that person to a 25 year old just out of university with all the degrees etc. who do you think will be more mature? the person kept in the class room or the person out in the world.
  • So we can tease guys... ;~)
  • Yep. Girls enter puberty sooner than guys. Is it like giving them a head start? If you can call it a head start then sure, but thats just the way it is.
  • 9-22-2017 Less to learn? All a female has to do is hold still and everybody thinks she is a saint.

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