• As hard as it may be, call the cops. Also, look for a reason this is happening, because it's likely that there is a reason. Something may have happened, that you are not aware of.
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      The cops? They're going to tell you to discipline your own kid.
  • I think it's time for some "tough love". Kick him out, and tell him the conditions for being re-admitted (i.e. "you have to go to school every day, stop smoking pot, etc.") If he won't leave, put his things outside and change the locks. Make sure you send the message "I love you, but I am not a doormat and there are rules if you want to live in my house".
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      You cannot kick out a 14 year old. Legally, the parent is responsible for him. But, you can give him up for adoption.
  • Send him to booth camp.
  • take him out back, slit his throat, bury the body at least 100 miles away from where you live, in a desolate part of the woods.
  • Do you have in your area the ability to go to family court and file a PINS petition? (Persons in need of supevision.) They can be placed in juvenile detention, boot camps, boarding schools etc. Please look into that.
  • If you have done all the stuff you can, cut off money, have his bed placed in a spot with NO privacy, withhold all privileges including access to fridge... Time to call social services.
  • Could be time for an Intervention. I have seen this on the TV show on A&E. He may not understand the path he is heading down is a one way ticket to nowhere. I wish you all the luck in the world. Go to the following website for more details.
  • I would do like shoppinsheryl said find out if they have PINS in your area or something like it. Its something that would make him have to follow the rules or face juvenile lock up. That may sound terrible but it may save him from the alternitives of what could happen from his current lifestyle. I wonder if there is a root of this behavior there maybe something going on with him that he needs help with but can't express. Whatever the reason he has no right to put his hands on you. Best of luck to you.
  • i had problems with my son not going to school and the pot-but i wouldnt kick him out-- having home go to some place likehome for boys that wont listen- they have places like that -they have to go to school and follow rules- do chores= find somewhere like that- and if he chooses to leave that place then he's putting his own self on the street-if u kick him out with no-where to go- u will feel bad-let him back- and it will be a bad cycle- in- out- trouble- lock the doors when hes suppose to be at school and if he doesnt go to school make him stay out till dark-tell him you will get the law involved if he doesnt straighten up- he will be tested for drugs and go to detention if he fails drug test-- good luck- drugs only make life badddd -do what u can to get him clean--- good luck and god be with you
  • Something is terribly wrong. Low self esteem, problems at school. Take a drive with him somewhere he likes to go-away from other people. Don't drill him with questions. Teenage boys dont't want you to feel sorry for them, but they do need your love and they also need to know you believe in them. You can show this by being present and available. Don't trap him in his room and pressure him to talk. This puts them under to much pressure. Try that drive, make it a long one, and tell him you just feel like going on a drive and he is going with. Take him fishing, bolling,camping or find something you can do together without a bunch of other people around.Don't do all the talking, let him relax and enjoy himself. He will start to relax and feel he can talk to you. He does love and respect you, but he needs to see you respect and love yourself,and that will trickle down. Don't try to be his friend he does not need that. He needs a parent that loves and truly cares for his well being.
  • Sounds like you need to kick his ass. Those past 14 years lacking discipline have caught up with you. Parenting is about more than just loving your child. You have to show him that you're the boss and he's not. Don't be ambiguous about it. And don't worry about those people who say you're not allowed to hit your kid or the cops will come and take you to jail. There is a line between disciplining your kid and abusing him. Just stay on the correct side and the cops will pat you and the back.
  • send him to rehab for the pot, its probably the pot thats making him that way
  • Step up to the plate and lay down the rules: 1. Must attend school 2. No drugs in the house and random drug testing 3. Curfew 4. Absolutely no verbal or physical abuse ever Tell the school don't ask but warn them he may act out because of the rules and drugs. Talk to your family doctor and ask for a referral for family counseling. You don't ask if he wants to go you take him because as long as he is under the age of 18 you tell him you don't ask. You call the local police and ask what the laws are for drugs and if necessary how would you report your son if need be. You ask your dr about rehab. You set rules and there are consequences for not following them. If necessary put a lock on your bedroom door and thats where you leave your purse and jewelry. He doesnt follow rules then no money, no phone, no tv, no video games, much earlier curfew.etc.

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