• How many other countries in the world have you studied in order to make a comparison? I'm in the US, and it does not utilize it's talent either. There are geniuses who are working in dead-end jobs because they can't afford to go to a university. There are people who get to go to ivy-league colleges even though they can barely tie their shoes: simply because their parents were wealthy alumni. There are incredible inventions sitting rotting in the patent office because the inventors can't figure out how to get funding to mass-produce them.
  • Sorry, I can't write comment, as my confirmation didn't succeed for a long time, but I can answer here. You are absolutely right, and I like the way how you are arguing, but you have to accept, that knowing some other countries, it is my opinion: Hungary knowledge economy is very bad. Most of the talented people - as soon as they can - are disappearing. Others are - like everywhere - suffering from being misunderstood. The others don't mind! It's a crime!

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