• Because of the same reason renting a Lincoln Navigator is more expensive than renting a Ford Focus. The PET Scan equipment is very, very expensive. That kind of equipment is leased to Hospitals and Clinics. In order to be able to afford them, Health Service Providers have to charge a high fee to all the patients who can afford them.
  • You're not just paying for the equipment, the power it uses, or a technician to run the test. You're also paying for all the time and research that went into developing and producing the machine, which determines how much it'll cost to lease. The cost of research and development is what inflates lots of prices in medicine.
  • In addition to the equipment it takes a different dye mix for each person which adds to the cost!!
  • I would argue that the category s/b health care rather than health insurance. Currently health insurance companies have very little influence to control/minimize the real cost of PET scans, other than to refuse to pay for them.

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