• no I don't. The world has become full of over sensitive,ready to jump at anything pussies.Everyone has to be so careful how they look, what they wear,what they say,what they draw in my opinion its a bunch of bull.
  • I think that was a bit extreme so I am saying no they should have not suspended him.
  • That was wrong and unfair to the child. Children in these times are very smart. They are always seeing and hearing things about guns, shooting, crimes etc. This child probably draw what he was exposed to whether from the newspaper, tv or hearing a conversation.
  • Wow.. they overdo it in some areas and under-do it in others. A second grader?? GMAB. You know.. I have family members who will not allow their children to own toy guns.. and let me tell you.. this has backfired at times.. not saying it is a bad way to bring your children up.. just saying it does not always work.. I have other relatives who take their sons shooting before they are old enough to drive yet.. they never have given a lick of trouble regarding the guns. They have been taught about them.. safety and responsibility. I think there is no lesson taught in punishing a child who did something without the intention of harm.
  • its just dumb!i mean look some cartoons have guns but theres nothing wrong with that. including the world isnt what it was now there a shooting on the new every day.its just something that the ppl who are saying he is suspended just are dumb as a rock.
  • When I was in kindergarten, I took my toy M16 to class and there was no problem. When the teacher played a story on a Record Player (yes, an LP), I would fire the gun every time the bad guys spoke. Kids used to draw guns and action scenes all of the time, never has it been a problem until the 21st century. What we are currently witnessing is schools trying to femenize male students by suppressing natural and healthy male behavior.
  • Honestly, I don't think there's enough information to tell whether it was fair punishment or not. If the child had been a behavior problem, or had been given a warning not to do this, then no, I wouldn't say a one day suspension is too much. If he had never had any problems before and was generally a good kid, I'd say it was too much. The rest of the drawing could make a huge difference too. Was it JUST one person and a gun? Was the stick person shooting at other people? A monster? There are just too many unknowns. I honestly don't think anyone outside of the situation can judge this adequately.
  • Of course. Inaccurate representations of the human body are not to be tolerated in the second grade. By then, children should be well-versed in all the muscles and bones and should be able to draw the human form flawlessly, without even thinking. Stick figures are a plague and must be stopped at all costs, even if it means MURDER!!!
  • Ah geeze... So I guess my second-grade friends and I should have been expelled for playing "Cops and Robbers" during recess, huh?
  • No, I think that's ridiculous. He is far too young to really know what that could mean. Moreover, a 2nd grader being suspended isn't going to "teach him a lesson" it's going to give him the day off!
  • Oh good grief! That's right, focus more attention on stuff like that earlier and earlier and then wonder why it will still be a focal point when they are older. It's just like when your toddler finds out you are shocked when he says a naughty word...more times than not, he will continue to say it, but if you ignore it he will lose interest in it rather quickly.
  • Overblown and ridiculous! Children express themselves in art as they cannot yet articulate and to make such a huge issue of a commonly discussed object is bound to confuse an 8-yr old child.

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