• Top marks. Being popular only gets you so far (president, maybe), but knowledge and understanding makes you wealthy spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes secularly.
  • To answer your question exactly as it is written, I would rather he get the top marks. My real hope would be somewhere in the middle. I'd like him to be somewhere in the middle of all of the passing grades (say, a "b" student), who is almost the most popular. Social skills may go farther than knowledge in some profitable careers, but won't carry you if you are a dumbass. (sorry... I'm kind of direct at times)
  • I'd much rather have my kids get top marks. It's too common for popularity to require low morals, and this is very true in the area we currently live.
  • popularity is good for politics and cheerleading. It was funny how many of these popular kids from my old schools I have pump gas into my car. Life isn't about plastic popularity. It is about results and those that consistently deliver them. Top Marks win by a long shot.
  • i receive top marks and i'm popular
  • Good grades indicate an ability to absorb and utilize data. That means my child could make the most out of whatever life offers. Top marks please. He can take a class on how to be popular, as needed.
  • I'd rather my daughter be popular & have fun then worry about her grades.
  • I would say that her popularity would do wonders for her confidence, EGO, ETC. However, doing well in school would be crucial in preparing herself for college and into her career. If we can somehow fuse these two together then hopefully we'd have a bright confident young lady who is well prepared for the rest of her life.
  • well, i don't have a kid... but, i'd rather see somebody have good grades!
  • Top marks
  • Well I don't have any kids yet but... I think neither. I'd much prefer them to be happy with a few good friends then a 100 bad ones. And also, as for grades, a grade they know they have worked hard for and are happy with themself.
  • Top Marks, popularity does not pass examinations.
  • a bit of both can be the smartest kid in class and be an arsehole can be the mosy popular in class and be as "thick as two short Tasmanians" a nice balance is the way to go I think then that will be a good way to live the rest of there lives ...balanced
  • If it's one or the other, I'd go for the marks. Popularity is easily attainable.
  • Definitely top marks. I would want her to learn to be sociable but those people will not be in her life forever, but her education will.
  • Popularity means nothing when applying to college. I hope for high marks for sure. Both are able to be acheived with good up bringing.

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