• I don't really have an opinion. I think a lot of people who have sex underage (if they're not in a loving relationship) will regret it. I'm legal but I wouldn't have sex for the sake of it - I want to wait until I'm with a guy & we really care for each other.
  • I think the age of consent is a good thing and a positive development for child rights, but at the same time I think people underage should be able to have sex if they want - as long as it's reasonably consensual. Sex is supposed to be one of the most fun and pleasurable activities available to the human body. As long as proper contraceptive devices are utilised, I don't see any problem with young people doing it.
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      The Lord God gave us sex for enjoyment and pleasure. He has great joy when His children engage in sex. He wants us to have sex with many partners over our life without shame or guilt. Man, not the Lord God made sex shameful and having guilt. Age of consent has normally for thousands of years been at the age of puberty but even then it was up to the father (head of household). He could allow his daughters to have sex at a younger age. At one time a marriage could be consummated at 3 years and one day of age for the girl. This was done when female children were sold. Consummation of a betrothal made the girl the man's wife thereby removing adultery. At that time adultery carried a death sentence for the girl and any male suitor.
  • If they are emotionally and physically mature I think that they should be allowed to have sex - however most children are not yet emotionally mature or aware of the risks at that age. [Note: I do not have statistics!] Having an age of consent protects children from potential abuse from adults until they are old enough to make the decision for themselves.
  • That partially depends how underage. I certainly feel differently about 13 and 14 year olds than I do about 17. Even so, there are plenty of 17 year olds that are not mature and responsible enough. I personally believe in waiting for the one you marry, but that notion seems to be a joke to the majority of people these days.
  • i think its a very acceptable thing to do, and i agree with the above statement about the regrets, its true, i wish i had my virginity back, after losing it carlessly in a joke of a relationship, but at the time its all a rush, and it just happens, if it was upto me id bring the legal age of sex down to 16, because thats the age that people are ready, 15 then is understandable, but i do feel a 14 yr old or under is wrong, thats my opinion
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      The average age of consent in the states of the USA is generally 16. At one time the AOC in Delaware was 7 years old. As I stated in another comment the AOC was puberty for thousands of years.
  • i say wait till marriage man. that way its more special
  • Teenage sex is going to's too bad that our society has a negative opinion on something that is as nautral as sex, and that has been going on for thousands of years.
  • Ive had teenage sex and most do in this generation. I think it's natural and schools need to start pushing protected sex rather than 'dont have sex' If they haven't seen by the high pregnancy and abortion rate that, and 'dont have sex' isnt working, then something is very wrong.
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      What is "protected sex"? condoms can usually prevent pregnancy and some STDs. The AIDS/HIV virus however is over 400 times smaller than the natural occurring holes in a latex condom, that is equivalent to throwing a baseball through the double doors of a barn. I do not believe in abstinence but I do believe in education about sex and STDs.
  • Teenage sex should be discouraged at all cost.
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      Absolutely not! It has been proven many times abstinence does not work and causes more divorce and spread of STDs.
  • Yeah it should be discouraged, but there's no way it it could be stopped completely. Too hard to change the trend now don't you think?
  • i dont really know what to say about this , but all this 'dont have sex' things is not working anyway so why keep pushing it people need to be more educated about sex rather than advising them not to do it . Because teenagers are gonna do it nyway . they need to be thought about safe sex i had a child at 17 from carelessness so i know . I think if they pushed safe sex more in school it might help with the pregnancy and abortion rates
  • Best time to be doing it. But safely!!!
  • I think it is too young for them to be having sex. They have plenty of time later. But, I have a teenager, so I wouldn't want her to be having sex now.
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      At what age did you start having sex?
  • I'm all for freedom of expression as long as the participants are able to understand and accept the responsibilities and risks of their actions. For this reason we don't let our 5 year olds drive even if they are physically able to turn the key and move the steering wheel. Most teenagers aren't able to responsibly take care of a gerbil, let alone a baby, and don't really understand the concept of an incurable deadly disease like Aids. So sex with another is an unacceptable burden and risk at that stage.
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      Aids is curable. Google "Dr. Robert Beck Protocol" and learn the truth.
  • I hope the teen knows what they are doing. It is rare that sexual experiences between teens (or involving teens) are satisfying FOR the teen. Best advice - use condoms, use condoms, use birth control, use more birth control, don't put up with abuse.
  • I really think it is too bad that a teenager thinks it makes them an adult/grown up if they have sex. Because sooooo many teenagers end up with little babies that can't be cared for properly. NOT ALL of the teenagers. But many are unable to care for the new baby. I wish sex was a more sacrid issue. I know they can do it! I did! Be grown up by saying NO! +5
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      With so many good and reliable contraceptives available teens should be educated on them and the use.
  • It is bad for everybody except for me and my girlfriends. Seriously, it was taboo in the fifties when I was growing up. There was even a movie I remember about teenage pregnancy, "Blue Jeans".
  • It's all good as long as no one gets pregnant and they use condoms. Denying teens sex is like denying human nature though.
  • I was 14 when I had sex for the first time. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Looking back, should I have waited? I don't think so. When I was 18 I was lucky enough to find a woman that was patient and taught me much about how to please a woman. The best one can do as a parent is to instill in your kids a sense of self and teach them to listen to their heart. If they feel it's wrong, don't do it. Unless we lock our kids in a basement, they are going to find themselves in situations that we as parents can't control. That's when your love, support and training comes into play and you can only hope that they make the right decisions.
  • PARENTAL NEGLECT AND IRRESPONSIBILITY... their still kids that have not been taught nor tended by parents in "parenting role"...can't blame them, it starts at HOME!!!
  • I tell them the truth, wait until your 21 or better yet 25 and make it AFTER college, you need to know who and what you are before you can really know who and what the other person is period you need to be able to take care of yourself and when can and are ready to be able to take care of someone else then concider it, and nobody is ready for the REAL respocibilities of parenthood at your age you don't even know how to take care of yourselves let alone another person and DEFINATELY NOT A NEW BORN CHILD, no education, no job, no home just what the hell are you going to do, and you cannot ask us because we can't help you out of the 18+ year mess you will create for yourself and there is nothing worse than having an unwanted child both for you and them now think about it real good ... ~Nemo~
  • It happens... And as long as it is between two teenagers... It's life. I did it... Im too old to preach you know?
  • i think there taking it to fast, im remided of an phrase: the slower you go the farther youll get

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