• Hard to decide. But it's a toss up between Che Guevarra and the French people for the French Revolution.
  • For certain it wasn't any Marxist revolutionary. I would say the French people for the French Revolution...CHE Guevara was a murderous communist thug...Like most of his kind are...In the end before they shot him he was willing to turn all of his comrades in just to save his coward ass...
  • i think they'll be known within the next 10 years. cause its coming.
  • William wallace.
  • The guy who invented the Wall of Death motorcycle ride at the fair...
  • Raddmann, with your excuse for knowledge and utter lack of understanding of history let me just call you Saddmann, huh? Che was no murderous thug, he was a visionary. The role he played in history has inspired many great and selfless deeds since. Where do "people like you" get ideas about him and "most of his kind"? What a shriveling judgment! To answer the question from my point of view, perhaps in a sense Darwin was one of the greatest revolutionaries of all time. It was thought he revolutionized, not so much politic, but he changed the course of history forever. Sujourner Truth was one of the first and most outspoken people to stand up for women's rights. Considering that she was an ex-slave in a time of intense racial conflict, she was a woman, and she was illiterate, I would say that her activism was super revolutionary.
    • Jewels Vern
      I think it is revealing the Che Guevara was a leader in establishing communism, but now his face is used by capitalists to sell tee shirts.

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