• just pray and hope that they dont find out that you are the 1 who told your
  • How is it hurting you? Unless the traffic is bothering you, mind your business.
  • Keep track of license plate numbers and what kind of cars. You can call the police and give an annonomous tip, and the car info will help. If you have a crime stoppers tip line, you can also give an annonomous tip, and possibly get paid for it. (You get the money in an envelope, and you have a number you use instead of your name) Call from a payphone if you're concerned with the caller id thing. Or even just mail in a letter to the police.
    • BRG
      a lady know has the same situation & she did what you suggest; the cops patrol the area more regularly now and she's called so often they asked if she wanted a job there..but the KNOW it's a serious problem. SOO make yourself and this problem known to your local police! that's what we pay them for!! and keep very careful records as to when you called, time, who you spoke to, etc., that's what this lady does........good luck!!
  • Why are you so worried about what your neighbor is doing?
  • How are you sure they are dealing drugs.Suspecting someone is not a good neighbor policy,and without proof it is a waste of time.I would leave the situation alone and go about your own business.
  • Call the police - transent folks coming and going is not safe for anyone - or you should move into a house
  • You are a world citizen for a good living! 1. You have to make sure that your neighbour is dealing in drugs. 2. If you are only suspecting and if your landlord has not done anything, than you should inform the police and you should tell them that it should not be known that you have informed the cops. 3. These guys can be dangerous, so play it safe. 4. If you do not want to take that risk, just shift your home to a better place.
  • i tink my neighbor is doing drugs there is this awful smell coming from his apartment. It bothers my son who has heart problems. my husband asked him to open his windows down stairs. but he doesn't. we think the landlord knows about I think we have to move
  • You do nothing. It could be you're wrong and she's prostituting herself to pay the rent instead. .

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