• In another city. My mom and I stayed in a house (to save on hotel expenses) of some relatives who I'm not close with. I really felt awkward because I didn't know them that well. My moves were robotic.
  • Undoubtedly my honeymoon, taken recently. Within 3 hours of arriving we suddenly found ourselves driving through a massive storm and I cleverly and skillfully drove the hire-car into a ditch. By the second day we found we were both suffering from multiple infected mosquito bites and were quite ill. The mozzie situation continued for the entire holiday - they simply didn't understand the words 'insect repellent'. Most of the island was shut, so while we had to drive to get anywhere there wasn't much point in going simply to view 'closed' signs. The villa absolutely ran with ants for the entire week, big black lines of them threading this way and that from room to room and when we got back we found that both our dogs now have complexes about us going away again. Just one of those holidays you need a holiday to get over. I think it's the NW US next, or a whale-spotting holiday, or the Amalfi coast. Fingers crossed!
  • My husband and I went camping in our RV to the mountains, taking our Newfoundland, Beau. On the way up the mountain we had a tire shred and explode on us, tearing up the side of the RV and scaring the heck out of us with the sound. It happened right a a real bad steep part of the highway with a long dropoff. We changed tire, continued to our spot, met friends, had a nice time. Then on the way home through a very hot stretch of lowland, another tire shredded. My husband got a lift from someone to go back to the nearest town and see what he could find. Our air conditioner wasn't working and we nearly lost the heavy thick-coated newfie because it was so hot, about 108°F. I was pouring water over him, had all doors and windows open. It was a scary trip from one bad time to another. No matter what had happened at other times, we always smiled through it and had a great time. This time, it was our one and only bad vacation from hell.
  • Last year when I went back to Hawaii with all my in-laws. Especially bad was my mother-in-law.

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