• You can record the audio portion of a television program and create an audio CD from it, but I don't think that is what you are looking for. CDs are usually created using one of two formats: audio or data. A data disk contains a filesystem and data files, which can contain anything. An audio disk contains a filesystem, a table of contents that is read by a CD player or a computer, and a region on the disk that only contains audio recorded in PCM format. You can record video to a file and copy it to a data CD. This resulting disk can only be used on a computer with software that can decode and play the video format used by the file (e.g., MPEG, AVI, MOV). It could not be played in a DVD player. It is possible to create a video CD (VCD). This format, however, is not common in North America and Europe and not all DVD players support it. It is also not as good quality as can be achieved with a DVD. I would recommend creating a standard DVD, since it is a common format that will be supported for some time. I have already described how to create DVDs from video tapes on Answerbag: . This process is the same as recording a program off-air.

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