• it cant cause it sucks and is a waste of time especially when u have to take it in school as a class
  • Despite the naysayers, art plays an integral role in the development of societies. Art is about the appreciation and creation of the finer things in life, such as trees blowing in the wind on a spring day in the park, and sunsets and sunrises in the mountains, and of course, all things paint associated, like portraits, which capture not only the physical detail of a face, but the personality of the person as well. True artists don't cruelly detail all of the imperfections of a face, but slightly hint at them, because in hinting at problems in weight or acne or whatever the case may be, they are expressing their love for that person and not just trying to include an exhaustive list of facial imperfectons that often receives biting cynicism from vain people with imperfect features. We would have never had da vinci, van gogh, picasso, nor any real literature and plays and many of the famous playwrights, such as the venerable shakespeare, without a little thing called the Italian Renaissance. Perhaps you have heard of that? All nations retain their style and integrity due to their value of art, as where would italy have been without the renaissance, or how about britain, as shakespeare might have never had the chance to introduce plays and the finer literature to the massses without art, with its many variations, though only a precious few survive to our day, a day where perverts prefer to paint nude people for their own perversions. After all, a appreciation of the finer things such as art should always coincide with the protection of it, and that carries over into morality, as morals are very significant with the creation of art. How can someone create something beautiful when their soul is devoid of the light that shows the beauty of art? Artists and writers today owe a huge debt of gratitute to Johanne Gutenburg, for without his printing press, no one would have been able to read the Bible, which was the most read book printed by the movable type printing press by Gutenburg. Also, all books ever printed were printed by either that original movable type or something that was derived or improved since Gutenburg's time. In summary, when our entertainment and arts are debased and devalued, our morality has either already declined or will shortly take a drastic turn for the worst. When either art or morality is depreciated habitually, the other will no doubt follow suit.

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