• I hink the mystery could be that by sticking one finger in the light socket the current passed up one arm and across the shoulders and passed out through the other arm..and just would have given you a big shock and not electricuted.
  • Luck. Death through electrocution depends on the size of the current flowing through you and timing. Electricity usually kills either by burns or electrocution. If the current is too small it won't kill. If it is too big it might burn all your skin but miss all your vital organs and still not kill you. If your heart is doing the wrong thing when the electriciy hits it, all its muscle fibres may stop working in unison and so stop the heart from pumping and so kill you that way. (That's called fibrillation, hence the reviving machine called the de-fibrillator.) If the electricity only goes from one side of your finger to the other and not through the rest of your body then it shouldn't kill you (but it should hurt like hell.) If you had to stand on a ladder to get to the light socket and the current went through you down to earth, maybe there was enough resistance somewhere between you and earth to keep the current too low to hurt you. Some people have really thick, dry skin so not much current flows through them but I doubt being a kid this would be the case for you. But yes, the short answer is luck.

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