• Mainly 5 for a question most of the times. good answers will get an automatic 6. 3 if it's a lame question and 3 if it's a lame answer. Poor answers will always be rewarded since my philosophy is no answer left behind. Those answers will usually get only 2 points, but they really stunk.
  • I do some times choose but mostly I just give full points!!!!!!!
  • I usually give 3 or 4, most of the time. If it's a question that really makes me think, I give the maximum. But, sometimes it lets me give up to 5 and sometimes just up to 4. Anyone know why that is?
  • If I like it, it gets the max. If it's alright, then it will get around half the max. If I don't like the answer, it gets a goose egg.
  • If I decide to award points, I usually give full points. Sometimes I will award one or two less, if I feel the answer had the potential to be much more insightful.
  • I usually give them all.
  • I give my maximum, only twice have I used the sliding scale and that was on half correct answers to a factual question.
  • If I find that an answer is worth giving points to, I give the maximum amount of points.
  • I normally give all, but sometimes when the answer is weird I give three and ask about it and then give it all if they make sense after the fact.
  • Depends on the question or answer. I do use the scale.
  • I use the sliding scale because some answers are better than others. For example, a detailed, well-written answer is a better answer than the one word, "Yes" or "No" answer. I can't see giving the same number of points to two answers with such a big difference in quality, even if they both technically answer the question. That makes no sense to me. The reason AB implemented the sliding scale in the first place was because people felt uncomfortable with being forced to give the same number of points to good and not-so-good answers. When the points system debuted, it was all or nothing, and that was a real bone of contention.
  • I usually give all of the points. Rarely do I use the sliding scale.
  • I pretty much give as many points as I am allowed, I am not big on varying my point allocation.
  • Once in a while I give partial points. I never downgrade.
  • I give all of my whopping 3 points.
  • How do you give partial points anyway? When I click it automatically gives the max...
  • I give the max every time.
  • I'm so thrilled with the ability to give 4 o4 5 points that I give the max all the time.
  • I always give Max points to every question I answer and every answer I get. I don't give less. It is either all or nothing. I feel if they find my question good enough to answer they get my points. If the question is worth my attention I give it Max points.
  • I used to do all or nothing, but I use the scale now.
  • I give max. I see no reason not to after all they are pretty much pointless
  • For most of the thousands of questions that I answer, I give the max ... for a few that are almost duplicates but just different enough, I give the max to the one that is worded the best and one or two less to the rest ... For my few questions, I judge each answer and only give a few points right away, then after some time has passed, I go back, check them all and pick the best answer and give it a few more points up to the max and give all the rest a few more up to one less than the max ... except perhaps the BAD answers which only get a plus one at most, and if they are really bad enough and truly deserving, I may even down rate them, but only if they are really really bad.

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