• Slowly rip out every wire until the chime stops. Then hope the car starts.
  • this is a little button in side the door sill with a rubber boot over, its nearest to the back of your seat, simply take that out, cut the wire, id recommend taping it off after and put the button back in and call it a day, but each door has its own hope this helps
  • The chime is under the radio, behind the console. You need to take the console out, really not so hard, then locate the black ECM module the chime speaker is soldered on this board. Pop the case apart and the circuit board will come free. Dont disconnect any wiring. Just unsolder the chime speaker and pull out. Put everything back together and you are chime free. this does not disconnect anything else, only the chime.
  • on the 04 sonata the chime is under the stering wheel behind the plastic cover pop the cover off and its abouve the fuse boxits silver and goes ding dong ding dong and drove me nutts there is a plug with 2 (or 3) wires going into it i just disconected it and now i can leave the keys in the ignition or door open or lights on with out anynoise you can see it if u lay on your back and look up from by the pedals now who knows where i can find a wireingdiagram for a 04 sonata i need the tach wire email me at

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