• Smack her and remind her he's a baby.
  • I'm not an expert on this, but I'd do what I knew how to to calm the baby down. If the pattern is irregular then it might be something about the airflight environment that's disturbing him, or it could be a new internal problem like sickness. If you don't have a way to calm the infant there's really nothing you can do. Don't worry about getting into trouble, there can be no rule or liability over this. The worst case scenario might be if you were asked to stay in the lavatory for the remainder of the flight. The crying would be a true grievance for all the other passengers.
  • wouldn't matter what you said ... you would be arrested when you landed so I would let her have a good mouthful before we landed....shit if I'm going to be arrested it might as well be for something and not because this cow has PMS
  • Write a letter of complaint to the airline for less than professional language and behavior. I'd make sure to get her name before I left the plane.
  • Can someone actually tell you to 'shut your baby up?' That sounds a bit rude. First off, you shouldn't be taking a baby on a plane, second, babies cry because the world is new and scary to them, so that's just how it is.
  • oh thats it? I would of been much harsher. If you don't shut that f..king baby up it's going to be overhead luggage! I know a stewardness who's in need of some serious tact training.
  • Have my husband hold our baby and take her aside where I can talk to her privately. I would ask her how she would feel if someone told her to shut up. I would say this in a manner that would make perfectly clear how she made me feel, and hopefully if she is a descent human being she would get that twinge of shame inside and not speak that way to me (or anyone else on the flight) again.
  • Sometimes there is just no way to shut a baby up. What does she want? You to give the baby some sedatives? The woman obviously has not been around kids much. Her comment was offensive and stupid. As much as I hate it when kids scream through a flight, I understand the parents are probably embarrrassed and are doing everything they can to quiet the child. How about the Airline keep ear plugs on hand for anyone who is disturbed by this?
  • First I'd have to tell her what b!@#$ she was for even letting such a comment come out of her mouth about an innocent child who knows no better, and to a paying customer that's probably helping put money in her pocket! Then I would have to, in so many words, tell her exactly where she could stick it! I'm not a mean person, but I do not tolerate people who behave inconsiderately and down right rude!
  • i don't think it would ever happen but if it did...i would tell her she should shut up if she doesn't want me to sue her and the airline company and then continue taking care of the child.
  • make sure you have her full name and report her ,thats just not good enough,guess you didnt get a off button with your baby pppfftt
  • OK - assuming she is saying it in a hostile/unprofessional way. I would say absolutely nothing to her. I would take out my pen and some paper, scrutinise her name tag and write it down, and the time, and the flight number and I would make a very loud enquiry to the nearest person if they had heard what was said, and if so would they please verify it....and then I would keep ringing the call signal untill another stew came along and tell them I wished to lodge a formal and official protest. There is NO excuse for that behaviour and if it costs the airline time/money to deal with it - she won't be allowed the opportunity of ever doing it again.
  • Did that actually happen to you? I'd ask how she proposed I shut the baby up, and maybe offer her the opportunity to try for herself.
  • If she said it just like that, I'd use her face as a flotation device;)
  • Children can not be controlled on a dime, if she were a mother she might know that. First of all, I would unstrap my seatbelt, take her aside and let her know that you will not be disrespected and that she needs to go to the back of the plane take a seat and send an attendant out that that can handle a crying baby and if she failed to comply then I would tell her that this would quite possibly be the last flight that she ever attends after the detailed discussion you will certainly be having with her supervisor.
  • I'll start with you first then I'll get to the infant ok ya big baby?
  • I'd say. "And you need to work on your people skills". Then I would note her name and I would report her to the captain of the flight as I deplaned. The captain is responsible for his crew. You tell him and he will report her to the proper supervisor.
  • I'd ask her, loud enough for the other passengers to hear, if they carry anything on board for ear problems in infants, since that is commonly why children and infants cry on the plane--their ears are hurting because of the air pressure in the cabin. If she says no, then I'd get her name, then suggest she go do her job and leave me alone. I have been on planes with crying, noisy children. They cry, they're bored and fidgety, they exist. I get over it. I'd rather be on a plane with a crying baby than Paris Hilton. On a local radio show, one of the dj's said she was on a flight with Paris, and she was a spoiled brat. Constantly asking, and not politely but in a loud voice, "Coke! I need a Coke NOW." Or, "I have a headache, bring me some aspirin!" Never a "please" or even a "thank you" ever.
  • I'd say you need lessons in being polite and working with people.
  • I think i'd tare her a new A hole!! but seriously i would report her, and demand that she be sent on more courses, or i'd ask to speak to her superior on that flight. They're only trolley dollies at the end of the day and have no right whatsoever to talk to a customer like that.
  • The stewardess should be a bit more professional than that. However, the other passengers don't have to be nearly so nice and to be honest, if you can't control your kids then you shouldn't have any. Your parenting skills are at least as bad as her customer service and the notes and volume that those kids can hit hurts me eardrums more than second-hand smoke hurts your lungs. If people can't smoke, why are they allowed to bring a sonic weapon into a public area? Oh, and before you all troll me for hating kids, just remember that this is an opinion question. If I can't state my opinion then you have no right to state yours. You don't have to agree with me, merely respect my right to disagree with you.
  • Probably something that would get me into trouble.
  • I know children can't be so easily controlled, but it is unfair to the other passengers to be subjected to an infant's crying. And the other passengers can be as rude as they want to be. Perhaps the stewardess could have been more professional, but I think I'd have more sense than to bring a child prone to uncontrollable crying on an airplane.
  • I ask her if she would like me to shut her up.

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