• A caddie is payed by the player. Usually, on the PGA Tour, anywhere between $1000-1500 salary per week. Also, if the player makes the cut, the caddie recieves a percentage of what the player makes on the weekend. The average percentages are 6% from making the cut to 11th place, 8% for a top 10, and 10% for a win. So, as you can see, it can be a pretty profitable job. As far as what Steve Williams would can pretty much figure it out with the info above. Although, it has been rumored that Steve gets paid a flat salary of $250,000. As a caddie, I find that hard to believe, as he would be losing out on a lot of money if the amount rumored is true. In any case, he is definately the highest earner on tour. As far as expenses go, the caddie is mostly responsible for their own expenses. Once in awhile, if a player has a private jet, the caddie may ride along. Other times the player may pay for your flight, or help pay.
  • A Caddy earns a salary plus a percentage of any winnings. The top paid earning Sportsman in New Zealand is a Caddy

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