• No. Especially when using it as a "limited time offer" as a sales promotion for a reason. But caps lock should be.
  • Yes, there is a state law that says, manufacturers coupons cannot expire. However store coupons can expire, as they are really just sales. I don't know the exact number of the law, but I work in retail and have to accept expired coupons.
  • No. This is a common misconception most likely derived from a California law that says most gift certificates cannot expire. Moreover, you would not want such a law to be passed. Too often people look at the benefits of a proposed law, but fail to look for the detriments. If a manufacturer coupon could not expire in California, then manufacturers would simply make their coupons "Void in California." This means you would completely lose access to the coupons.
  • No! Coupons in CA do expire, in less coupon does not have a expiration date. People always mix up coupons with gift cards, gift certificates and pre paid credit cards that do not have expiration dates in CA but are subject to monthly or yearly fees due to inactivity.

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