• Whether there is a god or not is irrelevant to how I live my life.
  • I would rather live my life as if there is a God. Because He wants us to love one another and be kind to one another. Those are things that I strive for anyway.
  • If there is a God, then I refuse to use him/her/it as an insurance policy... I will live well and be good to others and accomplish what I can today. I hope that God will see me, if/when the time comes..
  • I think God is amused at the whole debate. If He was really concerned about the matter, he'd appear on Oprah and set the record straight.
  • I'd rather the second one. If I expect a God I would be sourly disappointed to find out all this I've devoted is gone. If there isn't one, I will be able to realize my mistake and hopefully repent. Whether or not there is a God does not determine how I act to others. Why should I only treat others nice because there is a God? What does that say about me then? I should be nice to them because I want to and know what it feels like to be hurt myself.
  • So if you live your life as if God is the God and live for him then find out there actually wasn't a god you wouldn't know because we all would be dead right so no big deal. But if you live you life as if there is no god and die to find out there was you would know because the God that does exist says if you believe and live for Him you'll wake up in a lovely place and just know your in heaven so if you had lived your life as if there was no god and there was than you would wake up in hell and it would be crappy. My point is I would rather take the chance and live my life down a pathway that sounds rewarding then live a life that could end bad. so, my advice for you is to life your life as if there is God and find out there isn't (because you wont lose anything). If you live the other way and your wrong you do have something to lose- eternity... Think about it.
  • I would rather live my life as if there is no God and die to find out there is. I know there is no God, so I have nothing to worry about, nothing to feel bad about. My mind is clear and my conscience is clean.
  • The only way that would work would be if you lived your live in the assumption that ALL the gods dreamed up by mankind since the dawn of civilization existed. After all, wouldn't you hate to be betting your afterlife on Jesus/Yahweh, and all that time you SHOULD have been worshipping Ceridwen, or Toth, or Vishnu, or Huitzilopoctli? Considering that the world pantheon consists of a lot of contradictory gods (one says "thou shalt not kill", another demands monthly human sacrifices...), the lack of logic behind Pascal's Wager should be enough to tell you that there ISN'T anything to worry about. Just live your life. Let the gods sort themselves out.
  • Seeing as how living my life as if there is no god (there probably isn't) means living my life as a good and considerate person- I'll go with that option. Rather than waste my life fearing a god and spreading harmful ideas. If it turns out there is a god he should recognize that I lived my life as a good and kind person and forgive me for not believing in him on bad evidence (since that would be his fault)
  • Obviously you are convinced of the idiot you seem to be. I wouldn't waste mine or your time in giving you true inner strength!
  • The later but that is largely because I cannot, under any circumstances, believe that an enlightened entity feels there should be a negative consequence for not worshiping that entity. Would the dalai lama be angry because someone refused to worship him? That entire concept was born from the concept that a king is above everybody else should be worshipped or punished. It's 2000 years late for that.

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