• It depends on how it is slit.... If the throat is incompletely slit, then in all probability, yes. If the throat is slit "properly", which is a slash long enough and deep enough to cut both carotid arteries and the jugular vein, then if the person were standing when this was done blood would exit the head in a second or less, leading to practically instantaneous death -- there would be no chance to feel pain. ...Which is a really disturbing question, by the way, and I'm more disturbed that I can answer....
  • I guess its not right about what we think about the throat being severed in one blow. I feel if the throat is slit in one smooth instant motion you really wouldn't feel much pain because the connection to other parts of your body gets cut off. Once the connections are lost the brain shouldnt be able to process the signals that indicate pain. However, I also feel another probable possibility, that it may happen that the brain may sense the extreme pain all by itself. But there is no sense as to which part of the body the pain is occurring. You can also contradict it saying that when the heart is no longer connected to pump blood in and out of the brain, how can you possibly sense the feeling. However, thinking logically, I would like to believe that it is severely painful, but the period of time you feel the pain is very very very small.
  • Well ofcourse, when it happens unexpectedly, it's different than let's say, when you were kidnapped and have been seeing it comming for who knows how long... Tests have shown that psychological pain is harder to bare than fysical pain, so, one might add to the fysical pain when your throat is slit, a very, very intense fear and agonising thoughts. Indeed a disturbing question, but not a stupid one. Peace!
  • Uhh..... I don't want to try to find out in order to let you know. I'll pass...
  • It would be very much so yes. If you've ever had a deep cut or gash you know what that feels like, and to actually kill someone from that you actually have to cut pretty deep, a shallow wound won't do it. Add panic and fear to that and yes it would be a very painful and unpleasent death.
  • if your want to know it pain of not you can try yoaurself. you spread your neck and ask someone to slit your throat and then you can feel .
  • it totally depends on whether you are seeing it coming or not. Scientists have said that unless you are aware of what is about to happen, or if your eyes meet the sight of the blood then you feel no pain at all. This is because if you haven't seen the blood or aren't aware of it then there are no signals being sent from your eyes to your brain that you are about to experience pain. there is this special artery/vain (idk the name) that is the size of 1/4 of a single hair and once cut, immediately stops all connections in the body and therefore no signals are received in the brain. therefore if you know that you are about to be cut then you certainly will feel pain, of which 90% will be emotional because of fear. try it! LOL. do this experiment, take a small blade (make sure its not so sharp) & make a small cut on a friend's arm (make sure its some1 who wont blow u up afterwards) without having them notice. see how long it takes them to react. then try it on urself. since you already know you are about to cut urself, u will either 1)not be able to even do it lol, or 2)have an emotional/psychological fear building up inside you. so therefore it all depends on whether you are aware of what's going on or not. tc all...
  • I'm not sure how I stumbled across this, but in reading the responses I see a lot of misinformation in this thread. Thus far, "lynnenorth" has the best answer in reference to how quickly the blood would leave your head, and then you would pass out; all the others completely botch what your nervous system does. Let's break this down: 1.) If you don't see it coming, you WILL still feel pain. Nociceptive neurons (pain responsive neurons) reside in your skin, and are particularly dense around the head. It may not be AS painful, but definitely still painful. 2.)WYXZ123 is completely wrong. You don't need to see something to experience pain (like when my girlfriend dropped a hammer on my foot, and I wasn't looking). Also, there is no vein/artery that carries any INFORMATION to the brain; veins and arteries only move blood. 3.)The brain cannot sense pain by itself, no matter how extreme (this is why we can have open brain surgery on awake patients). It must receive information from your spinal cord. The only way to physically prevent pain signals (and any others for that matter) from reaching the brain is to sever the spinal cord. Slitting someone's throat WILL NOT sever the spinal cord, because the spinal cord is at the back of your neck, not the front. Slitting someone's throat causes death by exsanguination. Put your hand on the back of your skull, and feel around where your neck meets your skull. Feel that little indentation/concave part? Put a sharp, double-edged blade right in there, and that person will instantly lose the ability to breathe, speak, or feel any physical sensations. Of course, they'll still be perfectly conscious and aware, so they'll know that they can't feel anything...of course, they won't know why. And they'll fall on the floor. Death follows in a few minutes due to asphyxiation.
  • My ex Fioncee Slit his own throat!!! Suicide survived and has to lice with a great big scar on his throat!! silly silly. Hey lost 3.5 litres of blood. and that was in about 7 mins!!!!!!! he wouldent take the morphine to stop the pain!!! but he did in the end!!! he breathed from a tube in is throat, coughed his flem from the infection out of the tube. its an ubelivible sight to see!! was unfortunate to find him, i thought he was dead.

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