• Sure. But these people are also usually the ones that asked questions that were harmful to others and not many people liked them at all.
  • No, not from one answer. I might have been annoyed by a series of answers from someone, but that's about it.
  • hmmm..."Are you emo?"..."Yes"..."I hate you."
  • Not that I didn't like them per say, you can't know someone based on one rogue answer. But, I would say I questioned them. If someone answers rudely and in a way that promotes hurt feelings and it seems intentional, I generally check their Q and A history and then make the final judgement.
  • Yes.....when they go out of their way to say something really ugly to someone.....on purpose.
  • peoples answers and comments are the way that we decide if we like or dislike people. I wouldn't not like someone based on just one answer, it would take a few but sure. I form my opinions of people based on their answers.
  • I'm very sensitive to answers that are negative, but that is just a character flaw on my part. Not liking that person based on that answer does play into it a little, but what do I care when it comes to Answer bag. I'm probably never going to see from these people anyway. Most if not all the people here are quite likable from what I've read.
  • No, I have disliked their answer.
  • It's a rare occassion, but it has happened. When someone posts an offensive or ignorant asnwer, is commented on by others and then backs up his attitude with even more abusive language, it makes a strong negative impression. Those people are few are far between, though, and often don't end up staying on AB for long.
  • Nope .... never....everyone's allowed to freely express their opinions here ....
  • Not often. It takes a lot for me to form a negative feelings towards someone I can't see eye to eye. If someone is deliberately hurtful and rude to someone else, I will not think highly of that person and will watch to see if they are having a bad day or if that's the way they are all the time. People who deliberately cause trouble and make others miserable don't rate to highly with me. But if they answer a question well or ask an interesting question I might give them points because at that moment they are being respectful of others.
  • Just one answer, no. Although I might be leaning in that direction. But a few nasty questions, answers and comment threads? That would seal the deal. Not even necessarily that I don't like the person. But that they're obviously troubled and I'd prefer to steer clear.
  • There's some smart-assed answers that I didn't like, but I could be guilty of that too, at times, so I don't like to throw cyber-stones!
  • i dont have to agree with them but i dont know them. so i may like them as a best friend everyone even good friends dont always agree
  • No I have however decided I wont like someone from their comments!
  • No but I have watched at times to see if they always answer that way and if they ask the same sort of questions; if so I just stay away!!!!!!!!
  • OK guys... The Rebuttal. I posted a question and I didn't care for the answer someone gave, so I clicked on their icon and checked out their history. From most of the answers this person had given (attitude, thought, position etc.), I just concluded that I didn't like this person one bit. Yes, it's possible to dislike the answer but not the person, but from all I read, this person was a jerk. One of those occasions were trusting your gut proved the right thing to do....
  • You know the tree by the fruit it bares....
  • I like everyone here.(( until now at least ))
  • Not based on a single answer, but I've come to the conclusion after a few weeks of reading a couple of people's questions, answers and comments that they aren't people I would choose to socialise with, but I'm sure I've had the same effect on some people.
  • Yeah! I read this guy's answer and thought, "What an a**hole! How could someone be SO insensitive as to spout such utter nonsense!" If I met the guy, I'd probably give him what for! Then, I saw it was ME.
  • not really

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