• Our 1y4m daughter still sleeps in the bed with us full-time. Our 2y10m son has his own bed in his own room but is still welcome to come in bed with us if he wakes up and wants to.
  • I don't believe there's a right and wrong age. The problem is that when you decide to discontinue it, by then your baby or your child is going to be in the habit of wanting to sleep with their parent. Generally speaking, the younger the child, the easier it is to break the habit.
  • On a regular basis, I would say by at least age 3 is old enough to for sure be in their own bed. After that if there is a real bad dream or they don't feel well, they could probably have an exception to the rule.
  • Hmmm, debatable, my 3 and 4 year olds tend to jump in beside me during the night (dad works nightshift) and i dont even know they are there till morning!! so although i dont encourage them i wouldnt discourage them either. Obviously by the time they are school age (over 5) i would try to explain that they need to sleep in their own beds, but hey, they are not kids for long so i dont worry about it.
  • The 10-month-old daughter of the family my company adopted for Christmas was accidentally smothered in bed a few months ago. It's not worth the risk.
  • well...I don't recall I ever slept in my parent's bed. ....I'm single....
  • I am 21 years old. Last time I was at my mom's house without my partner, I had a bad dream and woke up freaked out. I crawled into bed with my mom.
  • You know i am a firm believer that a child shouldn't sleep in bed with the parents. But then again that is just my opinion. I have never had a problem with my son ever sleeping in his own bed. When he has a bad dream, he comes in and tells me and i hug him and tell him it is ok and he goes right back in his bed. I think kids find reasons to get in bed with their parents, i know its a bonding thing, but it could be damaging to a child. My brother that is 14 he just bearly started sleeping in his own bed, it took years for him to be broke of this, he found so many reasons to sleep in bed with my mom. I think that a child from birth up should never sleep in bed with the parents. Like i said before this is just my opinion, its fine if you disagree.
  • My son is nearly 19 and when he stays over he still jumps into my bed in the morning and goes back to sleep. All our kids do. The younger ones when they have nightmares sleep with us.
  • O months old, it is not wis to have a child sleep with the parents ever. They need to learn at an early age to sleep in their own beds.
  • I'm from the school of thought that thinks it is not a good idea to ever bring your children into your bed with is a hard habit to break once you've started doing make it harder on your children to separate from makes them more clingy, more frightened to be alone, and more needy. Your job is to provide loving comfort and guidance..they are not dolls to be cuddled and "played" with..they are little humans who are going to have to go out in the world and make their own way..being able to do that starts at a very early age..I don't think you should hobble them in any way from becoming independent, self-reliant and confident. :) You cuddle them and play with them when they are awake..when it's time for sleep they go to their own bed(crib)'s also safer for them. :)
  • lol, when my two were younger, Nathan maybe 18months and Cameron 6months my hubby would come in from work at 6am and had to sleep on the sofa as the three of us were in the bed!!
  • My son always slept in his crib has a baby. When he got a little older is when he started wanting to sleep with me sometimes. He's 5 now and rarely he wants to sleep with me. When he does I take him to his bed when he has fallen a sleep. Sometimes when he has a bad dream he will come to my bed in the middle of the night and I don't realize he is there until the morning. My aunt on the other had her daughter in the bed all the time, and is having a hard time breaking her. She is 10 now and just started going to her own bed at night.
  • I don't believe in children sleeping with their parents. It's just too dangerous. When I have kids, if the nightmare DOES come, they will have the option of dragging their sleeping bag into Mom and Dad's room and sleep on the floor.
  • At what age should a child sleep in there own bed? What is the latest age? Birth for both answers! A child should NEVER share a bed with Mom or Dad on a regular basis. Cuddling, napping, or getting in Mom or Dad's bed during a thunder storm is ok, normal and should be expected so the child knows he/she is loved and protected. Regular habits of sleeping in Mom or Dad's bed is sheer selfishness on Mom or Dad's part. This is bad parenting in my eyes. Issues WILL develop for the child, not MIGHT, they WILL develop. Behavorial issues, unhealthy emotional attachments, marital problems, respect issues, and more WILL happen....possibly even sexual issues with the child. This is a VERY VERY bad idea. A husband/wife or lover belongs in the bed with Mom or Dad, not the kids. Plain and simple. I am shocked to read that some people think it's 'normal' or 'ok' to sleep in the same bed as the children. People sharing a bed with children on a regular basis have no idea how much harder it will be to break this pattern when the child gets older.
  • my son used to sleep with us. we pushed and pushed him to stop tried new things, we let him pickout nightlights, a lamp, new sheets, put stars and moons the walls. nothing seemed to work. but when i look back its funny just one day he stop. how old was he i do not remeber. so it will happen when day when he or she is reday!!!!
  • My children never slept in our bed... Not unless they were scared and needed to fall asleep feeling safe and then they were carried back into their own beds. Im not saying that it is wrong or right either way, but mine never have.
  • My husband and I have shared our bed throughout the years time and again. It is entirely dependent on how much privacy you and your husband want. There is such a thing as a family bed and it works well with some families. When you really want them to start sleeping in their own beds, remodel it and let them help in the process, they will not want to sleep with you but will want their own space.
  • It's a bad habit to start b/c it's a hard one to break! My baby sleeps in her own bed. At one time, i would let her take her morning nap with me, but i ended that pretty quick. My nephew is 7 yrs old, and is now afraid to sleep in a room by himself b/c his mommy kept him in their bed for so long, and she would go in his room and sleep in his bed with him. My cousin slept with her mom until she was 10,(she is now 21) then her little sis was born so then her little sis slept with her. Then the second little sis, and the third. The middle two children are too afraid to sleep in their room, so they sleep together in the living room on the couches. Some children may be easy to break, but for a lot of them it's not. I understand when they are a bit bigger and tell you they had a bad dream and get scared, maybe for that night. I just don't want to get the habit started!
  • They never should. The child becomes codependant. An infant sleeping with parents is always a bad idea. It increases the risk of SIDS. Developmentally speaking a child should be able to soothe themselves to sleep at 6 months. Children should be sleeping in their own beds.
  • That depends entirely on the family. I don't think that a family should worry so much about society norms when it comes to things like this. Whatever is comfortable for you is what you need to do.
  • want to hear something disturbing my fifteen year old niece still sleeps in her parents bed every night. she wont sleep in her own bed.

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