• I don't. I reserve that for my myspace. Is your avatar teen girl squad?
  • Yep. I am not a piece of meat to ogled! Jeez.
  • No I don't regret it because I put it there for myself. I wanted to be able to look up and see Jimmy whenever I want. I have used the same one, so I haven't been treated different.
  • No, I don't. I don't think many have seen it, so I haven't been treated different by those who have seen it.
  • nah..I don't think I've been treated differently. Everyone on AB is so nice. I've only had 1 bad experience, that really wasn't THAT bad, otherwise I've been treated with nothing but respect.
  • I don't have to worry about that since I nevwer showed my pic wouldn't want to give anyone recurring nightmares lol
  • So people would stop calling me Ma'am. :-) No, I just do. It is the only part of my ego I show off.
  • no sometimes a bit of bashing helps me wake up lol. No I am what I am, love me hate me. For the most part everyone has been kind to me and no one really has mentioned anything about my picture.
  • nah, i prefer people know what i look like on answerbag (obviously, look at my profile) because i like to know what they look like and i don't want to be greedy i suppose. i don't think i was treated any differently after putting up all those many picture of me, but then again, i've had a picture of me as an avatar since day one of answerbagging. so there ya have it.
  • I don't think anyone really cares what I look like. My pics are in various threads, and linked to my profile page, and it hasn't changed anything noticeably (for better or for worse). Actually, the same goes for my voice (which is also linked somewhere around here). If you're a nice person and can write clever bits, you'll get along fine around here. (Or, in my case, if you can do a passable impersonation of the above :) that works too.)
  • No, I really don't think anyone cares what I look like..but I find using a real picture or avatar better than 'Anonymous' because I really like to know who I am answering...different players have different personalities.
  • I don't regret it - I don't think I was treated any differently for it either.
  • So far no one has made fun of it...but the day is not over yet. The kids will be out of school soon so now it's a waiting game..haha:)
  • I'm not out of the bag yet... so it will be interesting to see if people thought I was different. Of course, that's assuming anyone's even wondered, lol. Do you regret posting your picture now that everyone knows you wear overalls? ;) (just kidding to ppl who didn't see it)
  • Not really...I'm kinda over that mentality for the most part. I act and sing and have for years. A few years back I was doing live street work as an actor with Historic Philadelphia Inc. I played a persona...which meant that the moment I left the building in costume I had to be IN character..100% until I returned and stepped back into the building...I was an Irish colonial woman a recent widow. (I TOLD my husband that I had never gathered or eaten a wild mushroom in my life, but he insisted on havin em added to the stuffed goose! The man was a right pig...stuffed goose, a pigglet roasted and a bowl of calf's foot jelly all in one night, I thought he had a touch of indigestion for the love of sweet Bridget! Oh dear me yes, James was a large man, liked his food, he did. I don't rightly think he'd seen his feet, nor anything else, if you get my meaning, for ever so many years...I think tis why we had no bairns, I do! And, ya know he took over advantage of our neighbors durin the great fight for our freedom from England too...he did, charged folks whose husbands and fathers were off fightin for this country full price, not a bit of kindness in his heart to help a widow either...I DID NOT POISON my husband, but I'm not altogether missing his ways, not a bit.) I must have had 30 to 100 photos shot DAILY doing this was a bit hard at first (believe it or not I'm kinda shy), but after that...500 Orientals are showing me and THE GANG at home as proof of their great vacation in Philly...yupper...I'm over showing my Picture...I yam what I yam!
  • No not at all. And if I was I didn't notice it. I think I did notice a slight change in difference as to when my age came out but that's about it.
  • I've had my picture up since day one, so I don't know if I'd be treated differently. I am still mistaken for a man at least once a week, so that would probably be more frequent if I didn't have a picture for my avatar... I really don't mind having people know what I look like, and I like to know what other people look like too!
  • Not really. I was adamant about posting one, I can't really say why. After I did, I guess nothing much changed after the fact. *(Except for some incestuous remarks : )
  • I don't regret it. That's me and I chose to use my pic versus something else. Don't know if I'm treated differently or why I even should be.
  • No regrets. My picture's been up for almost a year and I haven't noticed anyone treating me differently. Most everyone's nice, anyway.
  • i smudge out my face so there are no regrets....
  • i haven't been treated any different.
  • Exactly why I don't post it. I want my answers read for what they are...for the record, I'm a 700 pound cross-dressing farmer.
  • I doubt many people have even seen my pics. I have a bunch on here but because I posted them so late they are buried deep in the pile. LOL
  • I've never shown my pic on AB, so no.
  • No. I have always used my picture. I have no idea how people treat me as a result - but I know that when I go out of the house I can't put on a different face. I see no reason not to be real here as well.
  • I just hope I didn't wreck the image any Depp fans might have had in their minds about me! Like back when I was Capt. Solo, and some seemed to expect me to look like Harrison Ford. ;-{D~

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