• An 18 year old from Connecticut did. Port Chester man accused of beating Conn. girl, holding her captive PORT CHESTER - A village man who held a Connecticut runaway captive for 14 months, physically abused her and having a child with her, is due in Village Court today, police said. The 18-year-old New London girl left home July 2, 2006, with Charles Carrieri, 27, whom she met on the Internet, Lt. James Ladeairous said. Although reported missing by her mother, no one knew she was in the village. Carrieri did not let her out of the 75 Purdy Ave. home, nor did she have access to a phone, Ladeairous said. In December 2006, he began physically abusing her, police said. She is now unable to open her left eye, Ladeairous said, because she has a seriously damaged eye socket from repeated pummeling. So obvious was the damage that police brought her immediately to Greenwich Hospital when she walked into police headquarters Tuesday morning with her mother. The girl finally got a phone a few days ago because Carrieri trusted her, police said. With the phone, police said, she called her mother who came to Port Chester and got her away from the home while Carrieri was at work at a service station in Rye. Police arrested Carrieri while he was working at the Theodore Fremd Avenue station later that day. He has been charged with second-degree assault and first-degree unlawful imprisonment, both felonies, and first-degree endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor. He is being held without bail pending today's court appearance. The 3-month-old girl is in good condition, police said.
  • Not from the internet, no. But I have known a couple of people who are completely psycho! One of them, when we were only TWELVE was having a fight with anoughter kid and had him beat, he then said VERY calmly, "Your going to hospital" and kicked him in his head as hard as he could! A second one (and third for that matter!) was some guys I worked with on security at a night club in Romford, Essex. One night a guy got thrown out, went to his car, pulled out a gun and started shooting at us! We were behind bullet proof glass so no problems, but these 2 guys grabbed baseball bats and went after him! The police found him seriously injured later that night!
  • nope. guess i browse the internet to get away from some of the psychos from the real world.couldn't stand one from the net.
  • I've met Psycho.
  • There was a guy that kept insisting we meet and he started getting very demanding. I am sure he would have qualified for the psycho list!
  • Yes!!! Couldn't get rid of him!!
  • yes, i person from here on the bag
  • Hey, don't bag on Psychos...some are really nice.
  • Not yet, but the night is still young!!!
  • I know this guy. He is a sex offender and i know the Victim. This was about 4 1/2 years ago. When he did this he just got out of jail for the rape charge and many other charges. heres the link to the sex offender Info
  • In my past, I dated a handful of girls I met on-line. I had mostly good experiences and dated a handful of very beautiful and successful women on-line including a couple of doctors. However, I had one bad experience with a girl who was cute but psycho. That girl seemed normal at first but she had a lot of psychological issues. She was only 5'0 and 95 lbs while I'm 5'11 and 185 lbs but I was scared of her and what she was capable of.
  • More than 10.. they hang out in the chat rooms alot
  • No ~ i have been very lucky to meet only those people who appear to be sane normal and nice :)
  • OMG yes. But i think i meet people everyday that are more, lol
  • Yup. Dated a few got engaged to one.
  • well, i never met the guy (if he was actually a guy) but we chatted online years ago, and he was a compulsive liar. he told me all this stuff about where he lived and what he did for a living and personal things about himself and his life and family etc. We had a couple long conversations about all kinds of things. And, then, it turns out it was all a lie. I totally busted him on all of it. And, i called him out on it and he admitted it, but i couldnt believe anything he said after that, so i never IM'ed with him again. haha he was a weirdo.
  • I've never met one, but I have observed many.
  • I met a woman who told me that she had Herpes, had been raped numerous times in her life, had sex with her father, had sex with over 1000 men, was a lesbian and was very involved in her church. She said that she did not trust men at all but felt as though she could trust me because I was a Virgo and had an unusual name? She was very attractive and had a high paying job and you never would have guessed that she had the problems that she told me. She scared me because she told me all of this on our first date and begged me not to hurt her but to have sex with her and only her because she had been waitng for me all of her life?
  • Ah! Wait till you meet the Cunning Lingus!
  • Physically,no. Psychologically, yes. Wait, there was that one on line dating thing...does that count?
  • Start playing Yahoo! Spades and you'll be certain to meet them.

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