• I have wanted to move to Montana for years. I love Montana and the open spaces! I could do without big winters, but I don't ever want to broil anywhere! My poor hubby had to spend a lot of time in St. Louis this summer and it was miserable! I think I'd really rather find one of those tropical islands where it's in the high 70's all the time because of the nice ocean breezes. That would be perfect for me (aside from the hurricanes, that is)
  • I would prefere to live somewhere OUTSIDE the US. But as for temperature, I prefere places that are colder and not too sunny, although I must admit to likeing a good swim in the sea as much as the next man! I guess I am lucky to be able to live in Norway where I get all this.
  • I live in Florida and I HATE it. I absolutely hate it- not only is it hot and humid for more than half the year, Mother nature keeps sending hurricanes at us.
  • Florida, Florida -- it's horida, horida...
  • I love sunny South Carolina, humidity and all. Florida--not so much. I don't think I could live in CO, ID, or MT although I have been to all of those states and they are truly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Perhaps if I could live there in summer months and return south for the winter, like the snowbirds, that would work for me, but no - I could not live in the kind of bitter cold winters they experience.
  • Colorado. It is a such a beautiful state with it's mountains and amazing scenery. The weather is not so bad there either. If I were to live in Florida, I would not like it at all. Of course, Florida has Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Keys. All great places to visit. I would not want to live there. It is too hot in Florida, and is prone to being hit by a hurricane. Colorado is a better state to live in.
  • neither I used to live in the greatest city in the world New York you have all the benefits of the four seasons which I love and as anyone who jhas either lived there or visited will agree Fifth Avenue around the holidays is one of the most beautiful sights in the world far better in my opinion than any old mountains I miss it but unledss I luck out and hit a mega lott jackpot or land a job making svereal hundred thousand dollars a year it is unlikely I will be able to go back to live anyway
  • I don't know why people live in Florida, even if they like sunshine. It's so hot and humid and FLAT and boring. There are so many other lovely places to live if you like sun and warmth and even ocean. I am in love with seasons, however and wouldn't like it in Florida. I love the Canadian Rockies. I love the Yukon and the NWT. I just love it wild and rugged. We used to live in the coastal mountains of California and would go visit the Sierras and Canada a lot. Now we have moved to upstate New York and love the seasons. We do laugh at what they call mountains here. Even the ones in Vermont and NH aren't what we are used to but they are very lovely. We love the snow and enjoy winter. THe fall couldn't be a prettier time of year, especially since we are just above the Catskills. In fact the leaves are starting to turn on some of our trees now. I have been in the 3 states you mentioned. I loved Stanley, Idaho and Salmon Arm was one of the places we thought about moving to. Montana is nice but the growing seasons are very short and I do love to garden, however I do find myself in a little area of Zone 3 here in NY unfortunately. We had enough of the sun in CA. 112° days in the summer and 10° nights in the winter was just too much for me to put up with and not have seasons.
  • I live in Sunny California where all we have to worry about is earthquakes (which doesn't happen to oftern) and during the hot time fires. We don't have to worry about Tornadoes or Hurricans, either do we have to worry about flooding or snowstorms.
  • I'm just over here in Australia and i'll be staying here. I wonder do all you people have any idea how it sounds to me each time i see all the chats about where you all live. Wow it just sounds so great and so nice.. you are all really lucky to be in beautiful places. I have no autumn leaves falling off, no snow, no mountains, no bears and mountain lions and no squirelly things or chipmink creatures and I know of only 5 ab'ers who live in in this country. I think Australia sux and I don't want to live here and I just wanna come live there, where all of you people are. I feel really left out over here. And it's not fair and I hate it and now I need a tissue.. because I am crying and I miss babycakes. That's all. And please can someone get rid of this after you all read it.. thanks. and I'm sorry for being a sook..I just wanted to tell someone. xox
  • I do live in Colorado (surrounded by mountains and mesas), so I guess that answers it for me!
  • Well I live in Florida & I stay in the AC all day but I do miss the snow around Christmas like I had in NY. But I don't miss the shoveling or the ice
  • Well I live in Florida & I stay in the AC all day but I do miss the snow around Christmas like I had in NY. But I don't miss the shoveling or the ice
  • I never want to be away from the ocean

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