• Not at all, I had none of the stuff any of the other kids had and I did not get any new clothes unless it was a birthday present or xmas one.
  • No, just very much loved.
  • Not by my parents but I had one Aunt and Uncle thatalways bought my everything I wanted!!!!!!!!!
  • Not too much. We were not indulged, although our parents struggled to make sure we had everything we needed and many things that we didn't but were important (such as sport, holidays,music)
  • oh yea...i'm the youngest and i'm a twin. I'm my moms favorite and everyone knows...
  • With 5 brothers I hardly think so...I was in hand me down heaven
  • Not really but I was somewhat loved. I never got alot but what I got I appreciated & tried to take care of it because I knew if I screwed it up I wouldn't get another if I was lucky enough to get that. My dad made alot of promises on things but never had the intentions of coming through on them but my mom tried to make up for it. I was just wanting my brother to have nice things because he worked so hard being atheletic & wanted approval from our dad I didn't really care what I got as long as everyone else had what they wanted mostly.
  • Yes, i was a very spoiled. You can say i was a spoiled rotten brat. Not that im proud of it. I always got what i wanted, but i'd rather had some atention from my parents than a bunch of toys.
  • I was the total opposite of a spoiled brat; I worked my a$$ off cleaning, taking care of younger kids, etc.
  • yup with love nothing materialistic.
  • Not one bit! My parents pretty much let my sister and I fend for ourselves most times. We were the opposite of spoiled!!
  • hell to the no
  • No, but sometimes I felt cheated! I was the youngest and was constantly told: "Don't touch that you'll break it." or "Don't touch that you'll hurt yourself." As a result I learned by watching, never by doing. You can bet I made plenty of mistakes when I started actually participating! :-)
  • Yes. I can honestly say I was extremely spoiled. We weren't rich, but we weren't poor. So I got a lot of the things that I wanted if I pouted enough. My family was also very loving towards me, I'm also the youngest. They probably felt obligated to do so since I am the baby.
  • Hmmm, I would say probably so but not as spoiled as my siblings were! LOL
  • I wish!
  • I was hyper active and somewhat clueless about life. So I was never spoiled, in fact I was somewhat irratating. But I was put into sports and that let me excel and get a lot of attention and opportunities I would not have normally have had.
  • Relatively, when I consider the rampant world-wide poverty; I lived like a King. The essentials were never lacking: Water, food, shelter, clothing etc.... I had it made; I feel for the billions whom did not.

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