• If it is akward for you then try closing it in the back then turning it around.
  • just don't drop
  • It will only be weird if you start staring downwards at her chest when you put it on her & she notices.
  • It all depends on if she LET'S you.
  • Isn't it time for people to get over their fears of possible sexual overtones when doing something beautiful for another person. Man, the church, and western Christianity has made such enjoyments dirty and perverted. Believe me when I say the Lord Jesus has no problems with you putting the necklace on your girl. In Fact He likes to see us enjoy one another. Your girl should not object if your fingers touch her upper chest as you do so. She understands the closeness your fingers will be to her and possible touching. There is no sexual intent in what you are doing. Put the necklace on her and do not worry about if your fingers touch her chest. Be a man not a fraidycat. She will enjoy you more if you are not afraid.
  • i dont think its weird

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