• Same answer as the CD question, the more data there is on the floppy, the longer it will take to transfer over to the HDD. However it should not effect computer speed.
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  • haha noone seems to realise your having a laugh...or in the words of answerbag..."trolling"
  • Do people still use those ? It makes no different to the speed. I hope you are not gonna ask about every bit of your PC, we could be here all night :-p
  • A floppy drive is a storage device. It has no part in the speed of the computer, this is determined by the CPU and the memory.
  • While reading data from a floppy, the speed of processing information between various chips on the motherboard depend on the speed of the floppy drive and the condition for format on the floppy. It is also a known fact that a floppy formatted in one PC may or may not be read in another PC due to BIOS conflicts under DOS. Even though a person uses windows to read a floppy, these conflicts are not completely removed. That is the reason why most of the modern PCs do not have a floppy drive. And blank CDs have become cheaper than floppies which are rarely found in market today.

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