• Can you please explain what you mean by "pro choice"
  • Good question!, I'm half pro choice and completely against the death penalty, so that would make me a......
  • i am neither i am pro life :D
  • How is it hypocritical to be willing to give the death penalty to someone that has lived, and CHOSEN to commit a crime that is heinous enough to put them in the position of BEING put to death, while still supporting an unborn child's right to live and make their OWN choices in life?
  • You are making some big, big assumptions in your question. By the worlds standards, I am labeled "pro choice" because I support early abortion. In my one mind, I am "pro life", because I do not believe that life starts at the moment sperm hits ovum. I am against killing criminals, and I am against killing babies. I am not against removing a bit of jelly which, if left where it is for several months, would become a baby. Until you can find some point at which nearly all of us can agree that life starts, your question is a leading one and hence unfair.
  • There's a difference, first off, between killing a living person and a fetus. And by the way, I'm pro-death penalty in SOME situations (people should be killed for a very good reason, not for a weak one) and pro-choice in all situations.
  • I'm not sure people would agree about your "hypocrite" judgement -- people on death row have made choices that got them there -- people that haven't been born yet have made no choices -- seems to me there's a difference here, if you believe that a fetus is a person. I know you're not supposed to answer a question with a question... but... I'm opposed to the death penalty, but have little sympathy for a fetus -- does that make me a hypocrite too?
  • I'd say comparing an innocent child with an amoral cold blooded killer is pretty stupid.
  • It isn't hippocracy since the basic difference is punishment for a crime that someone has chosen to do with their free will and an innocent life that had no choice in being created nor making no choices to deserve to be killed. I would say the hippocracy is deeper in people who support abortions and oppose the death penalty since they are in favor of killing innocent lives and saving the most vile criminals who have taken lives or destroyed lives through their acts.
  • Aye..indeed pro choice. Although I reserve the right to sometimes enjoy the "Double Standard".
  • I don't believe the two positions are mutually exclusive. I support the death penalty. Think of the case recently in California where the ex cons broke into the home, then raped (all night long) the two youngest females in the household and then set them and their mother on fire, killing them. Inexcusable and deserving of the death penalty for the pain of those poor young women (the youngest only 11 years old). On the other hand, there is scientific evidence to support the fact that a fetus is alive and an idependent being after nine weeks of pregnancy. Again, we are talking an innocent life, one who did not choose to be in this position, and someone who should know better taking that PERSON's destiny into his or her hands and terminating the child's future. While I am NOT advocating for the death penalty in this case, it seems almost warranted. Killing a living being is the most selfish form of birth control and inacceptable if we are to call ourselves a civilized society. There are too many legitimate forms of birth control and all people have to do is THINK in advance and then be responsible for the outcome! REsponsibility and accountability are the keys.
  • I'm pro-deth penalty and pro-life. But from what I've found I'm the minority on this since most anti-death penalty people I know are pro-choice. And, yes, I do find it very hypocritical. They're willing to kill a child for a mother's conveince, but not remove a monster who kills and rapes for pleasure to protect socity. It makes no sense to me. If taking a life is wrong and makes you a murder as well it should mean any life. And that baby is alive alot earlier then we like to admit.
  • I don't like the way this question is posed. By stating that people who favor both pro-choice and pro-death penalty positions, are hypocrites you answer you own question. It is not hypocritical to believe in both. People who hold pro-choice positions may not believe that the fetus is a human being. Therefore, in their minds they are not killing a human being. Therefore they are not hypocrites. My own position is agnostical on both abortion and death penalty.
  • What a ridiculous question. The two have nothing in common. In actuality there can be no answer to something as inane as this.
  • Warning Will Robinson
  • I won't state my position, because it doesn't matter. I would like to point out the flip side of this question, which is hypocritcal in itself. "To all you anti death penalty people, are you also anti-abortion or are you just hypocrites ?"
  • pro-choice before 17 weeks.... Pro death penalty only when there is a VERY good reason..... and even then I think making this guy suffer would be better.... I guess I am a fan of toture. Death is too easy.
  • I,in no way believe in abortion under normal circumstances. The only way it should ever happen is in severe cases, like endangering the life of the mother, and they know it enough ahead of time.Also in cases of major preknown birth defects that would cause death anyway.(I know they can't always be sure of this either.) Also in some rape instances that are involving incest and/or mothers that are way too young to even be pregnant. Adoption is always a viable option. I also do not believe people who commit horrendous crimes should walk the streets, or even be allowed the luxuries allowed in the prison system, like living off taxes and watching cable tv. We shouldn't pay for their educations nor should we have to feed them or buy them clothing. The death penalty is one option that has been with us throughout time. All it used to take was a tree and a piece of rope. Now it takes an act of congress, almost. People who do get the death penalty aren't innocent babies who have no say whatsoever in the matter. Generally they've been around the block and done things no human should ever even think of doing.
  • What a dumb way to ask a question - 5
  • Yes. Judgmental much?
  • Hypocritical? Like saving convicted criminals but killing innocent babies?

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