• While paint is wet, clean with water and/or window cleaner. Dried acrylic paint is permanent on fabric.
  • if it's wet, try soap and water, or kiss off stain remover. if it's dry and the fabric is sturdy, like denim, you may be able to scrape some of it off without too much damage to the fabric. otherwise, you'll probably just have to make those your "painting clothes" from now on. sorry :(
  • I suspect you are going to need a big shopping trip for new clothes.
  • For removing dried acrylic paint from clothes, hairspray works extremely well. Test a small spot on the item and then spray on hairspray and use your fingernail to remove the paint.
  • my daughter has done this a few times, including tonight, I finally came up with a solution. On monday she is sporting jeans by jessica---we're gong to paint them more ha ha
  • Nail varnish remover worked for me on dried acrylic paint on chiffon without any damage to the fabric!

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