• Will power is your own resolute determination to meet a goal, and motivation is the result of your response to some stimulus from somewhere - positive or negative; internal, external, big or small, good or bad. Motivation can come from and be directed towards anything, anytime, anywhere, and anyone. From almost nothing, practically everything, and all the places in between. God, family, friends, lovers, pets, objects. People you don't know and hope to meet. People you do know and want to forget. A bad mood or a good one. Wealth or poverty - take your pick. Motivation is the thing that makes you want to achieve a goal in the first place. Will power is what gets you to dig in your heels and keep on plugging away towards your goal when you�re fed up, worn down, and halfway out the door. It�s the thing that stops you from giving up when you're just about to call it quits. Red John - you were right, and thanks for the correction. As you can see, LOL, I took it seriously and didn't stop for a few lines. Your point helped motivate me to write a better, more complete answer, and for that, I thank you.
  • Willpower is the mental strength to set limits for yourself. Motivation describes what factors/circumstances are motivating you to accomplish something. For example you could be motivated to stop smoking for health reasons but you must have the willpower to do so.
  • A good example for this question is the little engine that said, i think i can, i think i can!. mentally wanting to do something and having the guts to follow it through. also, a marathon runner...running with all his heart to win the trophy at the end.
  • I believe motivation is when you believe you can, and you do. I believe will power is when you think you can't and you do. ( Freud has nothing on me) z9 Clyde -Janet from San Diego) To BO: For one thing in your response Nearly possible is a double verb, which counteracts the noun. Bad phrase and I believe you have the most will when you override the fear of the I cant. That I believe is when the true will comes out. Only my opinion of course, that is why this web is so great, nobody is wrong, just different ideas and concepts. cylde- san diego
  • I agree with Clyde. I think motivation is something you know you can do and you set your mind to just do it. Will power is something you're not sure you can do and have to force yourself to do it despite your reservations about it. You more or less have to talk yourself into doing it.
  • You must never use the root word in the definition. When you say it is a factor of motivation. You simply dance around what motivation is or isn't.
  • Motivation can just be influence or looking for a "reason". Will power really is more about yourself and dealing with yourself and knowing an own reason. Livia

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