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  • i have three words for you BIG BLACK COCK
  • I have felt the same way many times!! There are times that I need it very rough and hard but not always!!
  • lol well the guy is either not strong enough or he is a pussy. ive given it so rough the girls need to stop, not that they want to their vagina just cant take it
  • You could try backing into him forcefully at the same time he is pushing into you- that way you have double the momentum. Maybe also try where he pulls it all the way out and slams it back in- the difference between not having anything touching you to being filled again can be stimulating, I'm sure.
  • take the pillow away from the headboard and slam your head against it
  • Sounds like you could benefit from double-teaming, available in all colors, shapes and sizes. Ten years personal experience has proven this to be satisfying and easily learned in individual private couples (triples) instruction, as well as workshops. No reason for anyone to walk away from the table still hungry, but people still do. You are not alone!

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