• I was on the freeway, driving to work, and my tire blew out. I struggled to the shoulder with cars whizzing past. To complicate matters, I had a broken foot and was in a cast up to my knee, and I was terrified of trying to change my tire on that narrow road shoulder. A passing county sheriff saw my dilemma, pulled over and changed my tire for me! I wrote a thank you letter to the sheriff's department commending her.
  • Nope. The closet thing was my Dad getting pulled over when my Mum was giving birth to one of my brothers for speeding, and let off with a warning.
  • This is not an answer, but a thank you. Generally, police officers only hear the bad about everything in society. its our job. But, every once in a while, a question, like yours comes along and it makes up for all the bad. Again, i say thank you for asking this question. John
  • I was hurt by a burglar in my home. The officers that arrived at my home were wonderful. They took me to the hospital and made sure I was Ok and they took me home. They were sensitive and thoughtful. Also, the follow-up re the burglary was thorough.
  • the only way they ever helped was made me cry and then let me go when i was speeding i was very young 15 and didnt have a licence or insurance but he let me go so that was nice he just told me get someone with a licence to pick it up
  • i have never had a pleasant experience with any officer of the peace - they have never helped me when i needed help
  • When I was 16, I had a little accident with a lawn mower. A police officer was parked in my neighbor's driveway. He rushed me right to the hospital. He was happy I didn't bleed in his cruiser.
  • The nicest thing cops do for me is put on the badge every day and go to work. Their willingness to run towards danger makes them, in my opinion, the noblest, most generous people in the world today. For those who say that they don't like the police, they should ask themselves who are they going to call when a drunk driver crashes into their daughter's car, or when their house is burglarized, or when a loved one is murdered. And yes, even drug dealers call the police when they are robbed. So thank you, to John Pennington and any other law enforcement officers who read this. The best thing you ever did for me was take the oath and pin on your badge. -Teri In honor of Hillsborough County (Florida) Sheriff's Office Sergeant Ron Harrison, murdered in the line of duty, August 15, 2007.
  • Every year our officers asssit our city in celebrating on National Night Out. They coordinate free food and beverages, a parade, entertainment, even a helicopter and search and rescue come in. They do it on their own time for their community. It is nice for others to see what many of them do behind the scenes for their community! Above and beyond.
  • Totally ignored the fact that my car was reeeking of weed. Long time ago and I learned from this.
  • The police in our town are jerks. Really bad attitudes. It's nice to know there are still some good cops out there.

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