• after a few hours, yes, i think so, but don't know the limit
  • Eggs do need to be refrigerated, yes. You can keep them on the counter for about an hour (or until they reach room temperature), but anything beyond that will cause them to start going bad.
  • yes, I think so. I always thought it kept them fresher.
  • Depends on what you're using them for. Personally, I'm stocking up for Halloween right now, it's the perfect time.
  • Yes. The egg yolk will quite quickly go off, decompose.
  • Depends what country you live in and how the eggs are treated before you get them. If you are in the USA, then you may need to keep them chilled because they wash the eggs here and remover the invisible layer that actually protects the egg from bad things getting in. You can safely keep them on the counter to get room temperature to bake or cook with and it's safe, especially since you are going to cook them anyway. In many places in Europe, I think England is one of those places, not sure, they keep their eggs on the counter at room temp but it is safe for the short time they have them because those eggs haven't been washed like the USA eggs. In Belgium, they keep eggs in a basket on their kitchen counters for up to a week and the eggs stay nice and fresh, just like when hens lay one egg each day for up to 2 weeks and none of the eggs go bad and none stat to develop into chicks until she has a full clutch of eggs and start to really warm them up. And they all hatch at the same time:-)
  • No. Buy free-range eggs and keep them at room temp. (I'm talking UK here ) and they will be fine
  • In the days before refridgerators people kept eggs at room temperature for up to two weeks.
  • Yes, eggs should definitely be refrigerated.

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