• Because either: a)you ask him to many questions and nag him b)he's cheating
  • guys dont like that - you either trust him or you dont hon - but dont grill him like a steak every time you see him - he wont want to come home at all
  • A man likes not to feel that he is being accused of something.. When you ask too many questions they become irritated and it may get them angry with you. No one likes assumptions made that they are not being true to you. All men just as women don't like to have to report every move to someone.. If he says he is out with teh guys he expects you to drop it at that, if you trust him you will and not ask anymore about who he was with. Unless you caught him cheating, and if you ask him alot of the same style of question trust him its a ket to survival of a relationship.. Too many questions feels like an invasion of privacy everyone needs someone private time whetere you are married for 50 years or going out for 5 months.. Trust him and dont harp him about who he is with and where he is.. Just be like hey what you doing.. when he tells u say o ok, and take it from there.. Good luck,,

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