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  • Why not be personal when noone knows you. There is no disgrace in truthfulness and honesty only in cowardice.
  • I think it's admirable that folks here trust us not to judge but to share their story and more often than not I find their story is mine too.
  • It depends on what they are revealing , I know I just answered a question on AA meetings , so of course it lets them know I was involved in drinking and to get certain information on a law question , I'll explain my reasons -- But for sexual stuff , and its nasty I find disgraceful in the way they ask it , yes Good Question + 5
  • I find it enlightening because most of the time they post the personal stuff as way to illustrate why they feel the way they do. It helps you understand them more. It also makes them human and makes it easier for you to have empathy for them. Also some of the questions are of a personal nature and they are posted because they need help. That's why people come here to beine with to get help.
  • I find it uncomfortable. Even though I've done it a couple times myself.
  • I find it interesting. I think people feel freer here to put personal issues out for public consumption. I rather imagine that none of us would bring up the same topics at the bulletin board at the local Target or Wal-Mart.
  • its fine with me, I will try and help them out as much as I can
  • I don't mind being open. I'm pretty open in real life, so I don't see why it should be different on AB. Of course, some of what's seen here can be a bit tacky.
  • I think it was originally what AB site was for, It was for people that had questions and needed help. I enjoy the fun and the variety of questions on here, but I also want to help the ones that come here looking for help.
  • As long as the final purpose of doing so is to help others here, there's nothing shameful about it,actually that's very brave and admirable to me. If you're referring to some personal issues between two or more ABers, coming out in the open, I think that yes, there are better ways to resolve those (personal e-mails,etc.) Please spare us the drama. At least I try to stay away from it.
  • That depends on the revelation. Once, a girl gave graphic details about her and her lover's intimate details in vulgar language. That was not helpful and it was quite disgusting. But, there have been painful revelations by members about abuse or drug use that have been very helpful to people going through the same things.
  • I have found AB to have the most humble, down to earth people i've ever met. We all seem to share some common bonds, in need of each other!
  • There are some things revealed here on AB that I would never tell anyone, under any circumstances. But, to each his own. I have no problem as long as they use taste and tact when asking the sensitive questions. We may be the only help some people can get to. I just hope that in some small way maybe I can help someone get thru something I may have some knowledge of.
  • I think as long as it is in the correct category, people should be free to reveal as much or as little as they want. I would be neither humbled nor offended by anything personal someone chose to reveal. We all have our reasons for posting.
  • To an extent, it is absolutely humbling. I have respect for the people who can discuss people they have lost, or abusive pasts, etc. When their personal issue is something like: (this is an exagerated example) "My boyfriend wants to stick his ___ in my ___, should I let him? Should I let our dog watch?" I find that extremely tasteless and disgraceful.
  • i think its a bummer that this is where folks need to go with their dirty laundry...if it works for them, great; but i hope they have somebody other than folks represented by puppets and hot air balloons and dogs with sunglasses, etc. to talk about their shit with
  • I don't think it's disgraceful. I think there are many people who need a place where they are (relatively) anonymous. It's also helpful to ask about personal issues in a place such as this because you may get viewpoints you may not have considered yourself, or solicited from your own friends and family. I do think that sometimes it is somewhat humbling. A better wording for my thoughts would be that it puts some of my own problems into perspective for me. I may have a health problem, but then I feel grateful that it's a smaller/less significant problem than someone who is dealing with abuse, death, or some other catastrophic problem. It is also humbling to me that a relative stranger would seek and consider my advice.
  • No, while I would hope that who ever is asking would take all advise with a grain of salt, whats wrong with getting the opinion from at least 500 users? The more people the more information, the better chance of making the right choice.
  • Neither. I think someone may just be looking for help or advice and has no where to turn for an unbias opinion.

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