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  • IF you love her a lot as you say, you will be completely honest. You have to let her know because it's her right, especially if you are going to have any sexual act with her, that she knows the risk. Only someone who didn't love her, would risk giving her the disease without telling her.
  • Hell yeah you should tell her,this disease can kill her.
  • You are a murder if you don't. Let me put it to you this way if you don't when she gets it not only will you lose her and condem her to death you will go to jail for attempted murder. What a lovely wedding gift for the woman you love. And when she dies they will then charge you with premeditated murder under special circumstance.
  • If you don't tell her and you have sex unprotected or a condom breaks, you basically kill her.
  • If you didn't, and you passed it on to her, I promise you it wont be AIDS that kills you! I hope your kidding!
  • well if you love her then you defently dont want to harm tell her the truth now before it is to late...
  • you need to tell her and if she bails she bails if there is no reason for her to bail other than you have aids then she wasn't worthy of you however if you messed around on her or did something else risky that put you in your current situation and she bails you asked for it by being uunfaithful to her
  • If you are kidding, it's not funny. If you are serious, you have to tell her. If you really think she is "the one" and you are even questioning telling her or you are joking, you really need to seek therapy. You are either putting someone's life in jeopardy, or toying with people in a not funny way.
  • Yes, you must tell her! Not just becuase it is the LAW (it is illegal for an HIV positive person to have sex with someone else without first telling them they are HIV regardless of the form of contraception used (condoms can split/slip off!)) but because it is not fare on her if you do not! If she leaves you becuase of it, then she was not worth it in the first place! I say this as she would have eventually found out and would have left you anyway.
  • Of course you should tell her. Not to do so would be incredibly selfish. I have seen answers that say if she bails she's not worthy, but I disagree. This is a decision she has to be given the opportunity to make - she may want children and that may be a deal breaker for her. Love is not selfish, if you truly love her you will tell her.
  • Heck Yes you need to tell her! If she's "The One" she should understand.
  • yes by all means tell her now , dont wait a sec longer. if she loves you she will understand. last year i found out something, and the first thing i did, was call my bf and tell him , he was so understanding and so supportive of me, he told me that what i had we as a couple can live with ,because it was a small problem .
  • YES you should do it immediately. How would you feel if she did this to you? And on top of doing this to you she also give you Aids? If you truly love her you wouldn't be asking this question, neither would you want to tie her down like this.
  • Think of it as a test. If she's the "one" telling her should be no problem.
  • If you tell her, don't expect everything to just "be ok". She is going to FREAK. She will scream, shout and be extremely angry. 1. Because you didn't tell her from the off and 2. because of the shock. She's very likely to love you still regardless. Eventually you'll both learn to live with it. Just having safer sex. Remember, sex ISN'T what a relationship like your is based on. Yes, sexual issues might arise with the need you'll both have for it and the (for at least a long while) how you'll both be "dodgey" about having sex. Alternatively, she'll understand from the start. Be upset you didn't tell her, very upset, but she'll understand your reasons for not telling her (fear, anxiety etc). She will then support you with any luck and your relationship will be stronger than ever. If she does break up with her, give her time. Don't call her lots and get on your hands and knees. She might come back to you but she'll need time to think things over. I'm sure you know the risks involved in this, and she'll know them and fear them too. The longer you leave not telling her, the worse it's going to be. It'll be possibly the hardest thing for you to do, but you need to do it. It's easy people saying "tell her" and to be honest i'd be bricking myself as much as you are in your situation. NUMBER ONE TIP: When you tell her, give her time for her thoughts to come through and this is something she has to deal with. Remember when you got told you had AIDS? Well, she'll be feeling nearly as bad as you did. She's at risk of getting infected herself. Give her SPACE for as long as she needs. Hope that helps
  • Yeah!! Duh!
  • If you do not tell her, and you willingly have sex with her, you can be legally charged with something along the lines of negligent homicide.
  • YES be honest its so hard do whats right. You love her yes

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