• Beta fish are always great starter pets. Plus you can get some with rather pretty colors. They live for a few years too (well despite the misfortunate one here or there). =)
  • The only pet fish that aren't tropical are Koi and goldfish. There are a wide variety of gold fish that aren't carrot-like in appearance and they can become quite tame. They will come up to the top of the water and eat food from your hands.
  • Europen menows and Americain menows are not tropical. And you can probly find them at your local bait shop. The are usally brown, gray, or black and should be kept in a school of at least 5. They are small and don't get mush bigger than 1 to 2 inches. Also most freash water tropical fish can be kept with goldfish. I think that will expaned your choices. How big is your tank anyway?
  • I have had a 55 gallon fish tank on and off for 10 years now. My sister and I trade back and forth when one gets tired of taking care of it. We both loved having the Iridescent Sharks.
  • White Cloud Mountain minnow. +5
  • beta...they are little and fresh water....And are very pretty
  • Fish are really not good pets for children. Most require extensive care; fish are high-maintenance pets. Have you read anything on fish care. You need an aquarium, aquarium gravel, an oxygen supply, and some snails or something that will eat the slime that will build up on the inside of the tank. My recommendation would be to get a small animal like a hamster or gerbil first. See how that works out. It will be less expensive, too.

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