• No. Honestly race never mattered to me. I have dated white guys, black, hispanic. I have never dated any other race only because I never had the fortune of meeting people of those races. Now I am married to someone of hispanic origins. Though I am the type of person that looks past the physical features. They are a nice plus, but they are not important. I care more about the actual person, their personality. The color of their skin doesn't matter.
  • I'm a black female and since childhood have always been attracted to white or birracial guys and never black guys. The basis of this is psychological. It is partly because I've always best identified with whites than blacks (based on personality traits)and humans tend to be attracted to people they feel they identify with the most. Physically I am usually only attracted to men who are tall, slender with dark hair and dark eyes. The key physical feature i like is the light complexion, not the typical white american complexion but the complexion of a light skinned italian or better yet an italian brazilian, kind of like a very pale-olive complexion. i also like men with narrow facial features, meaning not a round face, but an oval shaped face, with a narrow nose, narrow jaw-line etc. The type of men i like are usually of eastern european ethnicity such as Italian or Greek.
  • While I don't find any one race unattractive, I do find that I am somewhat more attrated to Asian women than those of other ethnicities.
  • Earth is at an evolutionary stage where long-term dominance of the white race has left deep rooted biases when it comes to standards for beauty. I am white, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do find people of my own race to be more beautiful than others; that is not to say though that I can't see through the eyes of someone else and appreciate the beautiful people that abound in each and every other race on Earth.

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