• that depends on the mood im in; 1) thriller, when I have energy, and cant sit and can not watch a slow movie 2) Comedy when I deed to laugh and I can t laugh at myself anymore. (tension relief) 3) romance when I am feeling like cuddeling with my babe ( I still need one though so I dont watch now) 4) si fi when I need to escape reality and leave my troubles on earth while I go to mars
  • Depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm feeling hyper and I prefer Thriller's then. Sometimes I'm in a bad mood and I want to see a comedy. Sometimes I'm in a philosophical mood and I wanna see a drama adn etc.
  • Thrillers and Comedy. Comedies because I love to laugh. Thrillers because I love how it makes my heart beat so fast. I don't mind the others, but those two are the ones I prefer.
  • Romance, theres not enough love in this world!
  • Romance and comedy, I like romance, but can't take it without some laughs :)

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