• Define what you are talking about. What does awareness actually mean to you. If you show no respect to others don't expect them to respect you.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      An awareness in people means anyone in your presence or in general from seeing people on screen crosses your mind. People who can be self centred do not think of others except themselves. That is true of what you say about respect. I respect myself first in order to respect others but in any relationship, respect is supposed to be mutual.
  • Who is NOT self-centered? Some people are maybe more comfortable living in their own little world, and others might be more comfortable surrounded by other people. I think that a narcissist could easily fall into either category. Actually, a narcissist who ignores you just saved you a lot of trouble versus one who took interest in making you into their next project.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      As in delusional “living in their own world”? I am somewhat sociable but only with selective people. I don’t expect others to be like me because we are all entitled to be our own person. Anyone who ignores another are in denial of the existence in the person they are ignoring. Narcissistic people are arrogant and insensitive to the emotions of others because they are involved with themselves only and anyone involved with them would possibly be very depressed depending on their sensitivity. Narcissistic people are no company for anyone since they are miserable on the inside.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I mean staying out of other people's lives. I think you can actively ignore someone else in two different ways. One way is to pretend that they do not exist, but the other way is to simply not react to them.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      I understand

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