• I've literally told a police officer who wanted to ask me questions about people in my apartment building, "Youtube lawyers tell me it's never in anyone's best interest to talk to you and that's all the legal counsel I can afford. So... BYE!" and closed the door. Don't know if I faced any risk, and never had to find out as they left after that.
  • They gave a statement that was used against them.
  • But...WHY did they speak with the police? That is: did the police approach THEM? So I answer: "Probably not. Probably the most common reason is because the police were already suspicious of the person before speaking with him or her."
  • No, that's NOT true. The major cause of innocents being convicted is incompetence or corruption of the legal system in a given place. I don't believe that these issues are that commonplace.
  • I disagree. Its usually because of planted or misunderstood evidence, poor eyewitness accounts, community bias, lots of reasons.
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