• I don't have a political alignment (though I have preferences as far as various politically-related agenda go), and I *do* have faith, so: my faith.
  • my religion
  • Since I have no political alignment, it would be my faith.
  • Since I have no reason to question my faith, it's not even on the table for debate. That leaves my political alignment since no other options are available. I am more concerned where my political alignment is concerned. As a Conservative and someone who is the product of "the good 'ol days", I can appreciate being able to walk the streets at night in complete safety, seeing kids go to a school where their heads don't become twisted with nonsense, and the only thing that lived in Texas was steers and queers. Schools were a place of learning, not indoctrination, a new car could be purchased for under $3,000, and the price of gas to use in it was less than 35ยข per gallon. Liberals today want to pretend like they're members of the opposite sex (or no gender at all) and the insane government forces people to accept it as if it wasn't pure nonsense. America has elected a Communist President who is trying to destroy the country from within. Most of the people (voters) of this country have turned Communist, as well - or so it appears if the last election count was accurate, which they all insist it was. Where did such a thing come from? How could an entire generation become Communist overnight? They weren't born a Communist - it had to have been the shiny brass ring that they were offered. Interestingly, they believe that a male could be a female just by identifying as one, but the idea that chasing a brass ring transforms them into a sheep is something that puts them in complete denial. LOL
  • My faith.
  • My faith, no doubt about it. Faith will get you through all obstacles and give you the strength you need to overcome them.
  • My faith is more important. I have changed my political alignment several times over the years, but my faith has always remained the same. 12/8/22

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