• She seems a bit of a pillock, she's obviously trying to impress some misogynistic men. No, women are not the lesser vessel, she says we are physically weaker, which in most cases we are, but in many cases we are mentally and emotionally stronger and have had to be. I do believe that both men and women serve a purpose, and we are a balance to each other in some circumstances, but not to the point of belittling the other, but adhering to our strengths.
  • Look at transgender sports and the way events are being won by biological males who identify as females - obviously, you have a "lesser vessel" in this situation, since biological women have an unfair disadvantage. The term "lesser vessel" isn't necessarily meant to be derogatory - but let the Left get a hold of it, and it becomes nothing but an insult. You people need to get a life if this is the way you want to believe.
  • I don't see how. A vessel is a receptable for carrying water. The implication is vagina, uterus, or womb. I don't see men fit into this category. Its also comparing women to incubators. Just useful for having kids.
    • Creamcrackered
      All that incubator porn is sickening isn't it?
    • Hulk70166
      What is incubator porn?
    • Linda Joy
  • The Bible has declared the woman to be a lesser vessel than a man but that did not say she was necessarily less strong or that she cannot hold down equal employment.
  • Physically yes, 💅 mentally no. 😀

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