• Well, I certainly wouldn't suggest any speaking engagements! He'll probably be escorted by his wife to an elder care facility. But I wouldn't doubt the machine will try to push on with him as 'the Face Man'.
  • Doesn't he already have one? Most of these guys have profitable privately-owned businesses. But seriously...I think he's too old to teach or anything else that would take an active mind and body. He'll probably do like the typical ex-Pres and reap six figures from the lecture circuit.
    • 11stevo73
      what did Biden do for the last 48 years? If he gets paid to mumble its bribe money. Notice an Ex Australian PM is getting its bribe money for selling out the Aussie people.
  • He should retire. Just my two cents.
  • Retirement. When his current term of office is over, he'll be 82. If he successfully gets a second term, he'll be 86. Like other former presidents, a good "career" may be author (write a book). He has some experience with this profession.
  • What does a nursery school dropout qualify for?

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