• Yes. That's exactly what he did.
  • Sure. Yeah. Trump stole nuclear secrets to sell to Putin, because (A) Russia has no nukes and (B) Trump couldn't think of any legal way to use the office of the President to make a few bucks. *** Seriously: Pakistan, N Korea, Iran and Syria all have nuke programs informed by an Indian nuclear physicist. He was caught doing it - OH, about 10-15 years ago, I think. ANYway, it seems that NK paid for the full package, while the other nations were paying for a little bit of information at a time, and he was caught before he was able to sell anyone other than NK and Pakistan the whole package. So: NK - doesn't need it. They have enough trouble now trying to make a nuke small enough to sit on top of a missile. Iran? Syria? Sure - they'd love a step-by-step guide on how to build a basic A-bomb. Advanced, modern US nukes? None of those small players have the wherewithal to build them. They wouldn't need just blueprints. They'd need a full and complete set of instructions from start to finish. Russia could probably glean useful technology from blueprints. *** BUT we haven't been told what type of "nuclear secrets" were being kept there. We're not even told (yet) if they were OUR "nuclear secrets". (It could be info on Russian or Chinese or Indian nukes, for example.) We are ONLY told that the documents "relate to nuclear weapons". What's most likely? IMO: a Dr Seuss step-by-step guide on "How the President can authorize a nuke attack".
    • Hulk70166
      Dr Seuss eh? How about the names of secret agents in the FBI or CIA who are in the governments of foreign countries? I'm sure Putin, Jung, China, Iran, and all the rest would like to know the names of our spies. They might pay a lot of money too.
      Well...frankly, that doesn't sound like documents that relate to nuclear weapons.
    • Hulk70166
      It would if they were spying on THEIR Nukes. lol
    • Army Veteran
      Hulk, you're a denier extraordinaire. You just keep on with your speculations. LOL
  • Probably not.
  • Sources suggest that the evidence needed to secure the search warrant was provided by a whistleblower known only to Adam Schiff.
  • As I watch the updates on the (chuckle) "raid" on Trump's home, the more it looks like the Left should have picked another day to go on a fishing expedition because right now, there's a hurricane closing in on them 😆. ###
  • 9th sept 2022.. ...NOPE dont think he is that stupid..he lives in America and would NOT want others to use them on America
  • I doubt it but we don't know what his intentions were.
    • Army Veteran
      We can make an educated guess and say "nothing". First of all, Trump had the power to declassify anything. To think he smuggled classified documents to his home (for what reason? Why wouldn't he have declassified them first if that's, in fact, what he did) is totally absurd. Secondly, he offered to hand over to the FBI and Justice department anything they wanted. The reason for the raid wasn't to seize "confidential documents". It was to put on yet another public display of a fishing expedition designed to find something (or plant evidence) to charge Trump with. They've been doing that kind of stuff the whole time he was in office - only then, it was to try and remove him from office (a crooked election did that). So why are they continuing to go after him now that he is no longer President? It's because he's still eligible to run for President and they want to prevent that so he doesn't go after them for corruption - and worse.
  • After watching my media sources, another possibility has materialized. It appears that the documents Trump kept may have had nothing to do with national security. What he kept - and what the FBI and DOJ want back so desperately is proof of their actions in the Russia collusion and how they lied to the FISA court to illegally wiretap his Presidential campaign in 2016. He may also have other incriminating evidence (along with names) that would send a lot of people to prison.

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