• It's anyone's guess. At first, his dementia caused him to say he has cancer, but he quickly corrected himself. Chances are he tested positive for it. There's not been one accurate statement made about it since it left the Wuhan lab in December 2019. They say one thing about it then say something different and then say more things - none of which are true. I even question the number of deaths it supposedly caused. The high numbers they keep reporting were always through the media - that everyone knows was in the pockets of the Left. I predicted in March of 2020 when they started reinstating the "30-day" mandates that they'd keep it going until the election in November to scare people away from voting in person - forcing them to use the easily-tampered-with mail-in ballots. I called that one 100% - this is how I knew they cheated. If anyone can think of a single word that has come out of Biden's mouth that hasn't been a lie, let me know.
  • The docs say that sometimes the meds he took can cause a positive reaction.

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