• Sometimes a tight achilles tendon or the wearing of unsupportive, soft-soled shoes can cause plantar fasciitis. Thankfully, it is not necessarily a lifelong condition. Most flare-ups can be reduced with home remedies, but occasionally professional medical advice is needed. If this is your first time experiencing such pain, a doctor’s examination can determine if it is plantar fasciitis or another issue.  Stretches & Massage Stretching your calves and the plantar fascia can loosen the muscles and ligaments, preventing any tension or damage. Combining these stretches with massage can be particularly effective at decreasing the likelihood of a flare-up. Our hands-free Shiatsu Foot & Leg Massager Machine can provide relief to pain and tightness in the calves and feet. The versatile setup makes it easy to take care of both of these areas. The massage, vibration, and heat setting can combine to provide relief from a current flare-up. Ongoing use can help prevent future instances, too. For a more intense and total body massage, Terelax Premium Percussion Massage Gun provides a deep tissue massage that you can use to reduce discomfort.

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