• That is horrible!
  • They should be fully informed and not hidden from the horrors of abortion, especially later term when arms and legs are torn off, then the choices lie with them. They should be counselled by someone who is not bias, or who makes clear both arguments. They should be encouraged to come forward as soon as possible, rape is an horrendous ordeal for any woman to go through, and so encouragement can lead to morning after pill, rather than abortion.
  • Any woman that would willfully kill her own child is sick and in need of mental health. Any professional healthcare worker that would seek to destroy life instead of preserving it is a charlatan and the law should prosecute them harshly.
  • Well...the way that you've worded it, I disagree. *** What I DO agree is this: a baby shouldn't be allowed to be killed just because the father of the baby was a rapist. If you can manage that - reasonably safely - WITHOUT the victim bringing the baby to term, then by all means do so. *** I don't want to "force" anyone "to keep their pregnancy". Rather: I want to force people to stop killing babies...especially their OWN baby.
  • You're trying to manipulate justification for killing an innocent baby by directing sympathy to the mother. Let me explain something so that you can hopefully understand it - there is something called "priorities". When an unborn child is involved, the priorities go to him because he cannot defend himself and he never chose to be there. There are no exceptions. This should answer your question.
  • No woman should be forced to carry a baby to term that is the product of rape or incest, IMHO. I believe that abortions should be legal all across the country up until the 2nd trimester. After that, they should only be done if there is a problem with the fetus, or the woman's health is in danger. Again, IMHO.
  • IF men got raped the laws would be a lot different.

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