• DT listened to all of the crackpots instead of listening to the doctors and scientists.
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      "Follow the science", huh? The "science" leads back to a lab in Wuhan, China - until, that is, Fauci claims it doesn't. The "science" also included medical experts that opposed the COVID narrative - when did anyone get to hear from them? When you maintain a one-sided narrative, the truth will never be known.
  • You can't solve a lie. Not to say COVID itself was a lie (although I still question it), maintaining the high numbers of victims was a lie perpetuated by the Democrats through their media mouthpiece. Their intention was to create panic so as to justify pushing the mail-in voting scam. The reason I say it was a lie is that the COVID virus was never severe enough to stand on its own. To keep the numbers high, the CDC included pneumonia and influenza cases in its daily tally - this, during the height of the cold and flu season when the cases were at their highest. The link provided here with the question goes nowhere, but the following link does. On the page it goes to, you can clearly see how these two less-lethal seasonal (and predictable) issues were included in the totals:

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